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CPR Vision: The ‘trusted force’ behind APAC’s Leader of CRM & Loyalty

Cameron Richards, CEO

Change is the only constant in today's technology world and it has compelled every business to think differently. Rather than sticking to the tried and tested, finding new ways to grow with the latest technologies has become more important. While the ability to adapt remains the key, still no organization wants to hold back from shedding the traditional approach to bring in new operations and processes. Through this, companies have in fact achieved greater confidence to take on newer business opportunities. However, one area that distinguishes successful businesses and teams is that they can come up with innovative ideas quickly and consistently, which makes them more impactful in the market. CPR Vision, APAC’s leading CRM, Loyalty & Digital Agency has proven this concept better than anyone else.

Thinking Creative, Thinking Ahead

Founded in 2001 by Cameron Richards, CPR Vision has shown a perfect example of how to evolve with the next wave of change that is sweeping the business world. The company has led from the front to disrupt and de-construct the traditional model with a vision to, ‘create a company that could deliver a unique combination of wholly owned, end-to-end and cutting edge creative, strategy powered by world class technology services and products.

Taking inspiration from the morphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, the company has imbibed this idea into their logo. “Although, the idea of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly sounds and feels good, but imagine what the caterpillar goes through during the process. First it goes blind, and then its legs fall off. Finally, its body spits open, to allow the beautiful wings to emerge. The CPR logo actually resembles this transformation – the logo wings are symbolic of a butterfly taking flight; and this also resembles our tough journey from ground zero and fast forward to today; the butterfly has taken flight, we are regarded as APAC’s leading CRM, Loyalty & Digital Agency and now part of the world’s most creative publicly listed company” says Aloysius Choong, COO and Managing Partner.

CPR’s approach is refreshingly different from the traditional vendor/agency model – they do not re-sell tools, services and instead have a unique blend of Products (a technology stack) and provide cutting edge Creative and Strategy services. The intersection of these elements has enabled them to scale, deliver faster and be more accountable and competitive in their offering, and not just becoming another ‘services’ company. CPR Vision today powers some of the world’s largest brands businesses. A formidable force in the APAC region, the company’s refreshingly new breed of product and services has made a mark of its own, particularly in the CRM Technology & e-Commerce domain.

CPR Vision started out in 2001 as a one man army managed out of his bedroom. Cameron recognized there was a strong demand from clients looking for tailored, bespoke products and more personalized services vs. the cookie cutter approach larger companies were offering. To deliver this, Cameron, a seasoned business leader and entrepreneur decided to look no further than the CRM and loyalty space which caters to almost all the types of businesses and is a billion dollar industry. He joined hands with industry veteran Aloysius Choong and the duo blended in their years of experience to take CPR Vision to the next level.

Creating a Long-Standing Competitive Difference

Competitive advantage starts and ends with the customer and not with technology or competing on price alone. Technology should always be the driver, the enabler. There is a reason why successful brands such as Apple continue to dominate year on year. If you break it down these companies are like any other business entity; like everyone else, they have access to the same talent, agencies, consultants, and media. “But they still continue to innovative & dominate – because they start with the customer in mind every time and work backwards form there,” explained Cameron.

Having identified this, CPR Vision helps its clients to create true customer engagement. The company’s ability to help businesses gain a competitive advantage is largely due to their unique methodology and formula; providing bespoke solutions that are competitively priced for clients, a well-balanced cocktail; a unique blend of Cutting Edge Creative and Strategy, which is underpinned by an industry-leading Technology Stack (CRM & e-Commerce platforms) that are flexible, functional, scalable, user friendly and on top of that, owned and controlled end to end.

This approach has clearly worked for them and supported by their list of impressive clients globally.
with the ultimate purpose of delivering both, technology and creative services to business, CPR Vision has carved out a niche by being able to find a way to help direct a client’s journey on the technical, strategic and creative pillars of a project or business vs. clients having to juggle or navigate the maze of solutions and different vendors. “We didn’t want to be a re-seller of tools and be an ‘everything to everyone’ company. It was also a strategic decision to have a very disciplined and authentic approach,” says Cameron. The company completely controls its cutting edge technology stack and owns the IP so that the technical and creative arm of the business becomes much more powerful. This unique fusion of services/strategy and technology has also enabled the company to adapt, innovate and respond faster with more effective and efficient solutions for clients.

Breaking Down Silos through an Integrated CRM Platform

Most businesses rely on multiple solutions to manage guest communications and feedback. There tools include CRM software, case management, EDM, surveys, SMS, web data and data from the Property Management or Point of Sale / ERP systems. While each solution has its place, most of these systems lack the essential coordination to work well. This makes it difficult to leverage data to deliver personalised service and targeted marketing or reward / recognise customers because the data (conversations) are stuck in their respective silos making it impossible to have a full 360 view of the customer. Today, with the tech boom, there has been an explosion in software vendors. Hence, it is common for companies to select different vendors for each – Email, then an SMS vendor, a survey vendor, different vendor for loyalty and the web data, as a result creating a fragmented eco-system bolted together with expensive API’s with no central body.

CPR Vision’s marketing award winning enterprise CRM platform is a purpose built marketing automation platform that powers business to have a 360 degree view of every interaction they have with customers, in one central location. This proprietary and integrated, approach has helped provide leading brands and companies deeper insights for analysis and empowers them to make more informed & measureable decisions while having the modules to execute effortlessly. CPR’s success is largely due to its tightly integrated and flexible framework that is simple to use that helps clients break down the data silos between brands / departments, unlocking insights and helping drive personalized, relevant content across digital, mobile, social and email.

CPR’s ability to drive the creative (content design and development – websites, email, eCommerce) has given them the ability to extract ‘real’ insights to develop the strategy and creative that is personalized and relevant. Their creative arm of the business acts as the icing on the cake. Aloysius adds, “We can measure the impact of the campaign online or offline because it is being driven by the core, the integrated CRM. So, we can track end to end and provide clients with true insights and analysis effortlessly.”

Gearing up for the Future

For more than 15 years, CPR has been a trusted partner for many of the world’s leading brands. Already the four-time winner of the CRM & Loyalty Agency of the Year – every year since 2012, CPR continues to gain industry recognition and validation. The company has also won the W³ Creative awards that honors creative excellence on the web and is the first major web competition to be accessible to Fortune 500 companies; and was recognized by the most influential business publication for the travel industry the International Travel Weekly.

A formidable force in the APAC region, CPR Vision’s refreshingly new breed of product and services has made a mark of its own

By consistently deploying the best set of ideas, CPR Vision has freed organizations from the traditional boundaries and the limitations of legacy technology systems. The company has indeed succeeded in driving up the levels of service quality across all products, services, and channels. In the coming years, CPR Vision will look to continue in the same vein of form and strengthen its creative and design capabilities in new verticals. In addition, it is focused on training, developing and investing time & resources to build an innovative, extremely creative and passionate team that the company has come to be known for.