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RPMG: Enhancing your Revenue Management Performance

Craig McKell ,CEO

According to the 2016 Revenue Performance Index, 71 percent of sales leads fail to turn into appointments or calls, 74 percent of appointments or calls fail to progress to an offer being made to a customer and a staggering 86 percent of the offers that are made fail to result in a customer making a purchase. These dismal performance statistics have always been a major worry for CEOs and Boards across industries. A company that has taken the lead to help organisations around the world find and aggregate those small percentage revenue performance gains into double-digit year-on-year sales productivity is the Revenue Performance Management Group (“RPMG”).As the concept of aggregating marginal gains becomes enormously powerful in the world of marketing and selling, RPMG's focus is to bring all the benefits of aggregated marginal gains to create successful businesses by transforming their ability to convert revenue.Since 2005, RPMG has been providing high-level business advisory services, methods and knowledge in assessing and improving organizational revenue performance.

Founded by a former Big 4 consulting partner, Craig McKell, RPMG has evolved to become a pioneer in the field of revenue management. Today, the company also provides a range of high value services around the application of data analytics and process improvement to revenue conversion. “While there are many definitions of Revenue Performance Management, RPMG defines it as the collection of processes, tools and techniques for optimizing the yield, velocity and profitability of an organizations system(s) for producing revenue,” explains Craig McKell, CEO, RPMG.

Today, even though CEOs, CFOs and Sales Directors are well-equipped to manage every component of revenue creation, however, there still remains an underlying need for an analytics and advisory function capable of spanning all aspects of organizational metrics and data from end-to-end along the revenue creation spectrum, be it marketing campaigns, sales management, customer acquisition or retention.
This is where RPMG’s unique Telemetry solution comes into the picture. RPMG developed Telemetry- a next generation revenue analysis and optimisation platform, to help organisations measure, predict and improve their future revenue outcomes. Telemetry is a unique proprietary analytics platform which captures the marketing and sales performance data over the Internet in real time. Algorithms attribute data to the stages not of the marketing and sales process – but the customers’ buying journey! Combined with a cutting edge revenue performance analytics engine, Telemetry is able to map an organisation’s marketing and sales DNA, and use it to provide causal and predictive insights into customer purchasing behaviour and ultimately organisational performance – at a molecular level.

RPMG has spent the last decade studying, diagnosing and remedying sub-optimal revenue performance around the world. The lessons learned from hundreds of client engagements and more than 250,000 consulting hours have been embedded into Telemetry to enable organisations to map their revenue genome and use those insights to attribute every dollar of sales revenue to its source in the customer’s buying process, and predict more accurately how much more will arrive in the future, where it will come from, how long it will take to arrive and how much it will cost.

RPMG has spent the last decade studying, diagnosing and remedying sub-optimal revenue performance around the world

Having won the trust of more than 130 organizations across multiple industries including the likes of Google, IBM, Westpac, Suncorp, Metlife, RPMG is well on its way to gain a bigger market share in the years to come.