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25 Most Promising CRM Solution Providers

Senior Interactive: Delivering CRM solutions for Loyalty Programs andActive Customer Engagement

Mihail Victor Tataru, Partner

Customer loyalty is paramount in a competitive market. So, as businesses grow, it becomes increasingly more important for Companies to maintain a substantive customer relationship and develop an active engagement model in their deliver ables. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software comes handy here. It integrates all business and marketing data in one easily manageable place, allowing access of vital information from anywhere in the world and from any Internet-accessible device. CRM also helps organizations to create channels of active customer engagements. Singapore based Senior Interactive, a trusted CRM provider is helping companies make the most of this technology. Incepted in 2003 as a software company, it was one of the prominent and most awarded Romanian Digital Agencies companies then. As the organization expanded globally, it evolved into a complete CRM, loyalty and customer engagement solutions provider. Senior Interactive now provides CRM and Digital Services to Asian, Middle Eastern, European and American markets. Mihail Victor Tataru, Founder, expounds, “Our motto has never been more practical than today: We connect ideas and technologies to achieve business goals for our clients at global level.”

Senior Interactive builds CRM solutions for effective customer interactions and delivers on several key performance indicators (KPIs). Agnostic to the channel involved, CRM solution stands as a back-end for all marketing campaigns a client might undertake, capturing consumer data and interactions in a consistent way. Furthermore, while delivering on customer loyalty programs, the company amalgamates software solutions with business consultancy solutions to define custom products that best suit client's needs. It's a value-added product which bolsters clients to gain advantage in a competitive market place.

One of Senior Interactive’s products,'Online Help' acts as a core knowledge base and interaction tool for customer care departments. As customer requests and complaints usually come on non-owned channels, the company integrates social media and other resources in a single platform.
It helps clients to offer their customers the same level of service as on their own mainstream channels. The company’s virtual bot (artificial intelligence – AI based)manages initial interactions with the customers and then forward it to person in-charge only after profiling the requests. The deployments of 'Online Help' in banking, utility and telecom sectors might dramatically improve the accuracy and, thereby, reduce the time to resolve customer requests. The company owns the Intellectual Property (IP) rights for all its software and tools deployed across the world.

Senior Interactive builds CRM solutions for effective customer interactions and delivers on several key performance indicators (KPIs)

The company focuses on developing new features to cater to the growing demands of clients. Senior Interactive has served some of the premium clients such as France Telecom, HP Enterprise, HP Inc, Pfizer and Mars/Wrigley’s among others. It believes in developing in-house custom products and integrating them with other major business software solution providers. To increase its exposure in the global market and to cover 20/24h time zones, the company has expanded its commercial offices in Middle East-Dubai, Central America-Panama, Europe-Romania, apart from its growing home-market in Singapore. The new Vancouver office, Canada, will be operational by the end of this financial year.Weighing the growth potential in the Asian market, the company keeps investing heavily in the APAC region. “With our innovative ideas, creativity in technology and understanding of client's business, we strive to become a recognized global leader in CRM, Loyalty & Customer Engagement programs. This has been our long term objective and we are working hard to achieve it,” says Tataru.