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Social CRM Hub: Connecting Social data to CRM data to provide a unique customer view and enhanced conversion

David Fairfull ,CEO

A brand’s marketing program conveys a sense of identity and builds awareness of it’s products, which ultimately influences the consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. Obviously, successful businesses care about building a successful brand. In the context of today's brand building objectives, technology plays a vital role, more than ever before. At the same time, most brands are swimming in data. Marketers,and particularly SMB leaders, find it difficult to transition from data to insights to actions, and Social CRM Hub is focused on making it easy to do just this, in real-time and with ease.

While part of the We Are Social team, David Fair full and Greg Brine realized that marketers were finding it hard to assimilate data collected from various channels, and due to in efficient use of resources and the disconnection in marketing technology, their brand building efforts were not as effective or as insightful as they could be. In a bid to mitigate these challenges, the duo along with Luke Adlam, Johnson Lin and David Watson, have been engineering a unique solution - Social CRMHub. David Fairfull, CEO, reminisces, “Our passion to empower marketers by making technology deliver on the promise of making life easier, inspired us to evolve the measurement and interpretation of data, so we could deliver of the promise of creating “Marketing Recommendation Technology”.

Head quartered in Sydney, Australia, Social CRM Hub is a SaaS based platform. It's structured as a set of modules, with rich features that scale according to the needs of enterprise customers, while also being an easy to deploy solution for SMBs.

The proprietary technology— scrmhub—tracks customer engagement across the digital ecosystem and connects social data with CRM data, in real time, to provide a single customer view and audience segmentation capability via customizable dash boards.
This provides increased opportunities to deliver more personalized and relevant content and engagement.

It also provides customers insights into what their audience expects from the relationship with their brand. Scrmhub’s unique solution integrates social consumer interests and behavior, with customer data, to provide a far more detailed an insightful view into the nature of the customer’s objectives. By amalgamating personal and behavioral information, the software adds an entirely new dimension to customer data, indicating what the customer actually likes about the brand. Such analysis goes well beyond the data collected during typical purchase interactions.

Scrmhub’s software adds an entirely new dimension to customer data, indicating what the customer actually likes about the brand

Customers decide on the solutions they want and scale up according to their business needs, by adding modules that include social content programming, application design and deployment and identity management. All of these act as conversion points for users and feed data into the CRM module interface, audience measurement and performance measurement dash boards. All of this connected data, fuels the final and most powerful addition, Marketing Recommendation.

Social CRM Hub’s Recommendation Technology is a new frontier in the MarTech sector. Using extensive data science and modelling, combined with deep learning techniques, it actively delivers actionable recommendations to optimize performance and conversion.