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AdMaster: Pioneering Data-driven Marketing Decision

Vincent Yan,Founder & CEO

With big data becoming a business necessity in today’s IT ecosystem, companies have found innovative ways to maximize their big data investments. In the quest to fully realize the power of data, these firms are aiming high to build the most effective plan to implement the data integration techniques. “The biggest problem faced by our clients is how to turn Big Data into smart data,” says, Vincent Yan, CEO, AdMaster. With a motive to overcome this challenge Vincent and HongHong, CTO, envisioned to make AdMaster, a data solution provider through its SaaS-based platforms. By connecting all data sources in the system with their secure data analytics and measurement infrastructure, AdMaster has had a major influence in bringing new capabilities to the digital marketing industry.

AdMaster was established in 2006 by the duo as an advertising network but later in 2008 it changed paths to become a digital advertising tracking and measurement firm. Headquartered in Beijing, it helps businesses to utilize and manage data for creating the best commercial value out of it. Understanding the significance of data for business decision making, AdMaster brings the best technological and analytic infrastructure that helps marketers intensify marketing campaigns, operations and the overall direction of the project. “In the marketing function, clients mostly require reliable infrastructure to monitor their digital marketing investment in terms of target reach and ROI optimization. Apart from digital advertising, the rise of social media and e-commerce drives the demand of data analytics of unstructured data and we particularly work on that,” expounds Hong Bei.

AdMaster, being a leading marketing data technology firm helps advertisers to collect, analyze and manage data by implementing suitable technologies, innovative solutions and infrastructure to ensure that the data flowing between the first party and the third party is seamless and secure.
AdMaster’s links all the different key partners in the marketing data ecosystem. It integrates data from different sources, including the advertisers’ first-party data, data from BAT giants and ad data from other third parties with rich user-profile. This paves the way for a data technology-driven marketing revolution by connecting today’s digital consumer through their complete path-to-purchase process. Further more, AdMaster’s flagship product Smart Serving helps advertisers and agencies to access, manage and optimize the best media resources based on the current trends. It enables them to gain autonomous control over the media placement, target reach and optimization through the transparent automatic operation system. Even, with the help of Smart Serving advertisers can manage their advertisement placements across all platforms and can instantly identify the active existing target audience. How ever, Smart Serving and Track Master advertising tracking solution empower each other to provide automatic real-time double guarantee against abnormal data flow.

AdMaster's flagship product Smart Serving helps advertisers and agencies to access, manage and optimize the best media resources

With a vision to be the pioneer in the digital marketing sphere, AdMaster has expanded operations beyond the 3 key cities of China to provincial cities of China and also aims to gain new territories within the APAC region. Again, to strengthen its technical expertise, the company is focused to innovate with the latest tools such as PHP+MYSQL. In addition, the company is also keen to come up with ground-breaking technologies in the near future to continue offering high levels of service to customers.

AdMaster uses data technology to build a happy world.