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Commerce Vision: Conquering the e-Commerce world with SaaS Applications

John Farnea,CEO

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model is a modernized version of acquiring running and supporting software applications where the software licence, maintenance, support and hosting is procured through subscription with a minimal upfront investment. The significance of SaaS in reducing IT expenditures has made it a powerful solution for businesses. Commerce Vision is part of the many firms which jumped on the SaaS bandwagon envisioning a world of e-commerce where there is focus on delivering a more consumption economics approach to support companies’ software application needs.

Commerce Vision was established in 2001 by John Farnea who prior to starting the company had over 10 year’s experience years experience years’ experience in the ERP space. In 2001, after being witness to an accelerating commercialization of the internet, he saw an opportunity and a future for e-Commerce. Farnea’s founding of Commerce Vision was inspired by the need to develop and support a business-to-business and business-to-consumer trading environment for medium sized business.

To the untrained eye the internet space in the 90’s looked like a land of opportunity for anyone with a concept and the insight to get involved, but driving Commerce Vision to the top of the e-Commerce SaaS ladder was not for the faint hearted. The IT space is littered with many companies who have tried and failed and serving predominantly mid-market level manufacturers, distributors and retailers can be an uphill task.

However, the challenge of delivering superior levels of service in the new hyper competitive economy whilst still making profit brought out the best out in Commerce Vision. Being obsessed with their customers’ success, the company aided customers with a platform which could support their sales and geographical reach whilst importantly driving efficiency through reducing their cost to serve.
The Queensland based firm offers an array of SaaS solutions across different verticals. John Farne a explains the 3 key areas where the company’s direct focus is, “1.Customer Self Service, 2.Mobile Sales and 3.Trading Partner Network. Customer Self Service supports B2B, B2C and B2B2C sell side e-Commerce where the application supports the complete website with responsive UI template, a powerful CMS, along with customer enabled self-service business process functions. The Mobile Sales can be deployed on PCs, smart phones & tablets empowering companies account and sales managers in the field, and Trading Partner Network is a messaging platform (supporting CXML all cXML formats including Edifact) enabling companies to increase efficiency, collaboration, and visibility as well as reduce errors in their sales and procurement cycles.”

In its 15 year history Commerce Vision has achieved a great deal with their e-Commerce platform providing companies the power and the tools required to succeed in the market and many companies have turned to them as a result.

Commerce Vision is in the process of developing a new suite of e-Commerce applications for Azure in a Platform as Service (PaaS) model

The future holds bright for Commerce Vision as they look to capitalize on their past successes and their continuing investment in R&D. Speaking about the future John Farnea explained that “One of our key initiatives has been around Microsoft’s Azure platform. The first part of this has been deploying our e-Commerce platform on Azure. This has enabled us to be able to offer extended scalability and elastic hosting options to our customers.” Additionally, the company is in the process of developing a new suite of e-Commerce applications for Azure in a Platform as Service (PaaS) model. This will see its applications extending their geographic reach and importantly the way they are consumed.”