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Justlogin: Tailoring Automated HR Processes for the Enterprises


Efficacious HR processes can spur an organization’s growth. Treading on to the technology-ripe industry, automating HR processes can significantly boost productivity and there by, positively affect the bottom line operations of enterprises. KC Kwa, CEO, Justlogin, during his past tenures, realized that automating HR processes such as claim forms, leave forms and pay slips can add remarkable value to corporations. So, to join the missing dots in HR operations, he ventured to build a business application that companies can easily subscribe to and use services online, without having to invest their own infrastructure. Incepted in 1999, Justlogin Pte Ltd. provides cloud based HR applications and offers comprehensive suite of hosted solutions that are tailor made for the Asian market.

Headquartered in Singapore, the company provides a suit of business applications that cover important HR functions such as payroll, leave, claims, and time & attendance management. KC Kwa elaborates, “Once the customer starts using our applications, we have seen a substantial reduction in accomplishing two weeks of HR functions workload within a couple of hours.” The company helps customers in migrating to its cloud platform without any business down times. Customer Success Managers at the company proactively reach out to the customers and keep them updated about the new product features. The company leverages its reputable vendors such as Amazon as the platform for its service.

For the past 16 years, Justlogin has been developing HR applications of various scale and complexity. Not surprisingly, the years of accumulated experience ensured that the company's HR applications and services so far remained unmatched in the market. When it comes to data security, Justlogin is well aware of the skepticism around storing data in the cloud and of the fear of data leakage and security breaches.
The company has taken various proactive steps in ascertaining security of client's data; it has invested heavily in building secure and robust technology architecture to store sensitive employee data such payroll and bank information. The company allows customers to do their own security audit on the company's application.

Justlogin has a unique pricing model which allows for pay-per-use i.e customers are only billed for what they actually use. “We service companies of various sizes, from companies with few users to companies who employ thousands of users. All served on our robust cloud platform running the same version of the application,” KC Kwa states. Besides, the company constantly updates its applications to the meet the stipulated industry and government regulations. ePayroll, eLeave, eTime Clock and eClaim are some of the company’s popular and flagship modules.

Justlogin has invested heavily in building secure and robust technology architecture to store sensitive employee data such payroll and bank information

Being a dominant player in the niche HR applications domain, Justlogin’s customers includes several industry giants such as IKEA, Boston Consulting Group, AT&T, Etihad and Air France, amongst others. Justlogin is undergoing ISO 27001 certification process which will help bolster customer confidence on its data security process. The company has won Silver Award for the Best HR Management System at the Human Resources Vendors of the Year. Justlogin recently rolled out payroll system for Hong Kong market, and will soon be rolling out localized versions of its applications for other Asian markets. The company now plans to further enhance its business purview by launching its HR application to other global markets in the coming years.