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SelfDrvn Enterprise: Enhanced Employee Engagement through Gamification

Lam MunChoong,Founder & CEO

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” This quote by Doug Conant, an American businessman precisely depicts the significance of employee engagement and satisfaction which is directly proportional to productivity. According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends survey, 85 percent of the over 7,300 global executives and HR leaders surveyed rated employee engagement as “very important” or “important.”SelfDrvn Enterprise, a technology company aptly identifies and addresses this need for employee engagement initiatives and delivers competitive solutions through a cloud-based employee engagement platform. The company’s foundation was laid to aid organisations in monitoring and improving employee engagement using technologies such as mobile apps, social media, big data and Artificial Intelligence delivered through a SaaS platform. Further, to help its clients break through the challenges of employee engagement, SelfDrvn added gamification to the mix with an aim to encourage engagement. Lam MunChoong, Founder & CEO, SelfDrvn Enterprise details “SelfDrvn is designed to be a platform to address the different needs and pain points of employee engagement by harnessing a unique combination of real time feedback, social media, rewards, big data analytics and gamification.”

SelfDrvn brings a real time, anonymous closed loop feedback mechanism to help both the employer and employee engage in an honest and constructive manner. The company first collaborates with its clients and measures employee engagement through its own initiatives rather than solely relying on data available through annual surveys. The company further empowers its clients to better optimize their talent pool through gamification. The organization employs game mechanics such as points, levels, achievement badges and leader boards to help businesses motivate their workforce to upgrade their skills, improve performance and attain the desired transformation.
The small rewards associated with these games invoke a sense of accomplishment among employees leading to great motivation.

With its diverse solutions for employee engagement, SelfDrvn has reached out to various tech companies and BPOs. It serves a vast client base including Malaysia based Bexcel Shared Services, Global B2B Consultancy, iTrain Asia, Privasia, Maloft and Morpheus Consulting among others. Over last year, SelfDrvn has received over whelming response for its initiatives, which also include closed beta testing carried out with selected customers. Lam adds, “Our closed beta testing is nearing its end and we are officially launching the product this August. From a product development perspective, we are adding instant messaging capabilities to the SelfDrvn platform to enable real time feedback and collaboration.”

With its diverse solutions for employee engagement, SelfDrvn has reached out to various tech companies and BPOs

Since its inception, SelfDrvn has delivered numerous tangible benefits including reduced employee absenteeism, high performance culture and retention of high potential employees. The company has also ensured improved user adoption of enterprise social media from five percent on another platform to 50percent in three months. In the future, the organization aims to continue this series of benefits with the newest initiatives possible. A step in this direction would be the introduction of an intelligent digital assistant to analyse real time feedback to provide coaching and further suggest ways to the person giving feedback with the aim to improve the quality of peer feedback.Another major initiative would be the establishment of Value Added Reseller networks in India and in the United States. Detailing the company’s road map, Choong adds, “We are also planning to establish SelfDrvn Enterprise Inc. for Research and Development and Marketing in the United States by the end of 2016.