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GAMECO: Redefining Excellence in Aviation through MRO

Norbert Marx ,CEO / General Manager

Aviation technology has undoubtedly been a major game changer for the aviation industry. Ever since its inception and its commercialized transition into the aviation industry sector, it has made its mark as a vital segment of the modern day trade chain. Over time, there has been a heavy augmentation in the production of air crafts so as to be at par with the growing demand but it is just as crucial for airlines to keep up with the steady quality of service and undeterred easy functioning of the hardware components of an aircraft, also referred as Maintenance, repair and over haul (MRO) operations. This is the one principle area where Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co. [GAMECO] has been focused on. Established in 1989, at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, GAMECO is a joint venture between China Southern Airlines Co. Ltd. (CSN) and CK Hutchison Whampoa from Hong Kong. The common objective of this joint venture is to assure the safe and reliable operation of CSN aircraft, support the upcoming growth, take advantage of business opportunities in the Chinese and Asia Pacific market and grow into one of the leading MRO providers.

Today, GAMECO and its Chongqing Base, Qingyuan Landing Gear Branch and Shanghai Pudong Maintenance Team, extend their co-operative solutions together to deliver comprehensive, high-quality and highly-efficient services to its customers, covering line maintenance, base maintenance, component repair & overhaul, aircraft engineering, training and technical service of ground support equipment.

Norbert Marx, CEO, GAMECO, states “Our goal is to identify technical issues long before they become a problem and act in order to assure a safe, reliable and comfortable operation.”

GAMECO has been a true pioneer in several ways. The company has been developing several new repair techniques in order to save ground time and cost.
Also, every year GAMECO is awarded with numerous patents on its name for its unique in-house developments.

GAMECO holds a strong reputation of repairing and maintaining nearly all varieties of present commercial jets, including the biggest A 380 to the most modern Boeing Dream liner. The company consists of a unique blend of trained professionals and experts approved by more than 20 national airworthiness authorities, including the Chinese, American, European and Australian. GAMECO has the capability to design its own modifications and repairs with the assistance of its state-of the- art ground equipments which includes some of the biggest hangars in Asia and hundreds of different ground vehicles.

GAMECO holds a strong reputation of repairing and maintaining nearly all varieties of present commercial jets, including the biggest A 380 to the most modern Boeing Dreamliner

GAMECO has envisioned some very promising expansion projects on its road ahead. Geographically, the company plans to expand its footprint beyond its domestic holds in China ascending towards a global presence. There fore, the company is building a mock-up center, where it can test new ideas for cabin solutions in an integrated and realistic environment. GAMECO is also planning a new workshop to repair parts made out of high end material, like carbon fiber reinforced composites for enhancing the safety standards. “We strive to offer a broad portfolio and deep in-house capabilities, so that our customers can find quick, cost effective and trouble free solutions,” concludes Norbert.