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Private Flight: Revamping the Private Aviation Industry

Richard Pryor, CEO & Owner

Every successful take off for a private aviation company depends on several internal and external factors. Binding together and filling the internal hollowness of companies in the private aviation industry, Private Flight, with its Head Office and Centre of Innovation in Auckland, New Zealand, provides services for internally supporting their clients and making them efficient by designing, developing and implementing leading edge software and processes. “Private Flight helps customers increase internal efficiency, improve their business profitability and deliver a great passenger experience, ultimately seeking to transform private aviation,” says Richard Pryor, CEO, Private Flight.

In 2007, while formulating Private Flight, Richard marked his objective as raising the clients profitability and delivering a great in-flight passenger experience to prevail over the process and cost inefficiencies associated with out-dated manual processes and unconnected technology systems for his aviation clients and managed aircraft operators in private aviation. In 2008 the company began its Flight Catering Management services. The major technological leap for the company is an intelligent cloud based software system which is backed up by 24/7 operational support. It enables cabin crew or operations personnel to oversee catering-related logistics in a way that would improve the reliability and quality of the flight experience for passengers and also help clients take the reins into their own hands to control catering costs.

With their Catering Management Platform, the time frame to order and deliver became minimal and the consistency of providing high quality services in a fixed catering budget became more amplified.
This has been a boon to the industry as it has resolved several issues, up lifting the industry by creating a web platform and an off line app which the cabin crew can use every where, centra lising a supply chain of approved providers in more than 170 countries. To ensure the effectiveness of the service, the company devised the development of simple tools to manage costs as per budgets, provide a global team to monitor the logistics of all orders 24/7 and support crew during trips and enabling the technology to propose menus based on time of day and duration of the flight that can be refreshed for passenger variety.

The company diversified its services with the launch of Flight Management services. Prior to the launch, the distinguished company invested their energy and resources figuring out the industry’s pressure points, and marked internal workflow in efficiencies, lack of business profitability and average passenger experiences as factors dragging down the private Aviation industry. Treating these pressure points, Private Flight initiated its Flight Management Software programme with the takeover of BizFlight. Net in 2015.

A pioneer in the market, the company is currently engaging in the rejuvenation of the Biz Flight Flight Management Software by providing a world-class user interface, adding new functionality in the areas of CRM, crew control, remote crew access, aircraft supplies management, system integration and passenger experience. Other innovations will follow.

Coupled with the company’s high-end services, intuitive user interfaces, strong business rules and logic inside a scalable, resilient and secure technical architecture developed in close association with their customers has positioned the company in the foremost position in the competitive market. With a number of staff and operation centers in Europe and the Asia Pacific region, Private Flight’s range of customers include a broad range of operators including government, management and charter companies throughout the world. Venturing forth, Private Flight aims to solidify their ground-breaking presences by providing services driven by security, stability, support and standards.