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Seabury Groups: Guiding the Aviation Industry to Take-Off to New Heights

John E. Luth,Chairman, President & CEO

The aviation sector is one of the largest and rapidly growing industries globally. It facilitates a significant portion of world trade, international investment, economic growth and tourism and there fore stands at the epicenter of globalization. Even with an out standing potential for business and growth, the aviation industry accounts among some of the most challenging industries in the world. Being a capital intensive business, it is highly vulnerable to volatile fuel prices and increasing global competition accompanied with complex scheduling challenges and 24/7 operations round the globe. Strategic advancements in the present aviation business has seen some emerging trends in the industry related to segmentation of workflow, technological customization and inclusion of the customers into the feedback loop through BI. While customers them selves can offer some of the greatest insights into how they perceive an organization, a majority of airlines have failed to build a deep under standing of their consumer needs. This is where Seabury Groups steps into the picture. Established in 1995, Seabury is a global advisory and professional services firm delivering diversified and responsive business solutions to clients in the aviation, aerospace & defense, transportation and related industries. The company was founded with two principal groups namely Seabury Advisory Group and Seabury Capital.

Today, with around over 20 years of experience, Seabury group has partnered with more than 300 clients located in more than 50 countries, while extending its services and solutions to more nearly 1300 than 1200 engagements globally.

Seabury Capital owns and operates a number of specialty finance companies providing innovative cross-border financing for equipment and trade receivables as well as insurance-backed auto service and financial obligations. Seabury’s financial planning and analysis has driven innovation in both the management and operation of airlines globally. By leveraging data quality and availability, Seabury is able to gain insights into a client’s operations, providing a competitive advantage for its clients in the industry.

In the past five years, Seabury has arranged more than $6 billion of equity transactions and negotiated new financing and/or debt financing financing for over 200 aircraft for carriers world wide and maintains an active dialogue with over 100 aircraft financiers to determine and source the optimal financing for its clients.

Seabury’s investment banking practice provides advisory services to privately-owned and public companies, private equity funds and ultra high net worth individuals active in mergers and acquisitions. The company’s highly experienced team comprises of seasoned investment bankers who have spent their careers in aviation but it also includes former industry executives and operators, lawyers, finance and military professionals, broadening and deepening the quality of advice that we can give to our clients.
Seabury’s Aadvisory Group is a global advisory practice which provides solutions for complex challenges requiring consulting, investment banking, restructuring, and/or information technology solutions. As aircraft transactions are infrequent and complex often causing a disproportionate impact on airlines’ long-term success, Seabury plays a vital role in helping its client’s management teams to commemorate confidence on fleet decisions to be best suited to their financial and strategic goals. John Luth, Chairman, Seabury Groups, says “Seabury has advised on over US $100 billion of new or renegotiated aircraft orders, while delivering substantial net present value savings to customers.”

The company has lead several major and medium-sized airlines towards achieving dramatic cost reductions by partnering with diverse clients world wide to design and help implement comprehensive cost reduction programs as well as targeted efficiency improvements with in specific functions. Seabury’s initiatives always have an emphasis over a customer-centric solution approach. The company’s innovative technical developments such as behavioral customer segmentation technology are unlocking additional value across the industry, ranging from providing a differentiated customer offering to help airlines truly understand the customer while maximizing the revenue generation simultaneously.

Seabury’s staff comprises a unique blend of former industry executives, top-tier consultants and seasoned investment bankers who have channelized their expertise and approach towards under standing their customer’s needs to build competence. The company designs its projects with a prospect of future changes allowing its clients to navigate faster towards improved results that are more sustainable. The company brings experience gathered from engagements conducted in virtually every part of the world over the last 15 20 years. Coupled with an extensive knowledge of the large complex deregulated U.S. market, Seabury is recognized as a global leader in advanced network and revenue analysis.

Coupled with an extensive knowledge of the large complex deregulated U.S. market, Seabury is recognized as a global leader in advanced network and revenue analysis

Owing to its varied competitive landscape across the globe, the aviation sector has become highly political, with foreign owner ship laws making true consolidation on a global scale difficult to achieve. The industry offers great amounts of opportunities for those who are positioned to seize it. Seabury group constitutes a medium for its colleagues in aviation to help them achieve this position and shape their future with in the industry.