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25 Most Promising Salesforce Solution providers

Beryl8: Setting New Standards across the 'Cloud' Space

Cloud has definitely changed the way businesses function in the present digital era. Cloud computing as a medium to connect, interact and integrate has introduced virtual platforms where multiple solutions get deployed and delivered. Without barriers of geographies, cloud solutions have changed the way people look at the world: it is one single pool of market.

When Salesforce marks it footprint into a company, the company is enabled with high standard task management tools and techniques. With Salesforce being the only smart strategy, Beryl8has emerged to be one of the very few Salesforce Platinum Partners in the market. Founded in 2009, Beryl8 stands strong at letting companies innovate and solve business problems. Beryl8 is a consulting and outsourcing firm that strives for excellence in provide companies an objective, independent perspective to make them realize the true ‘mojo’ of digital marketing and IT resources. “We go beyond just CRM and towards complete digital transformation with strategic end-to-end solutions on the ‘Customer Success Platform”, says Dr. Nithinart Sinthudeacha, CEO & Co-Founder, Beryl8.

Specially aimed at enabling enterprises to be one step ahead of the customer’s needs; and to stay competitive in fast pacing business landscape, Berly8 has successfully been delivering solutions at 360-degree view of the customer beyond just CRM. Through CRM and Cloud Strategy, the company translates business needs and customer insight into strategic initiatives and solutions.
Then, the data integration, ERPs, legacy systems and data bases can easily be implemented into newer IT Platform. Now can we define innovation through these? That’s where Beryl8’s Custom and Mobile App Development comes to the fore. It helps clients meet the demands of businesses through Mobile Apps which are developed according to the functional task requirement criteria’s. Custom online interfaces are built to blend in with the way business operates. Beryl8 also provides training services through Salesforce training centre to accommodate Salesforce implementation.

To stay competitive in fast pacing business landscape, Berly8 successfully delivers solutions at 360-degree view of the customer beyond just CRM.

By leveraging the power of the Salesforce platform, Mobile Sales App and SOS (PIS) App are two flagship products that are designed to help customers offer enhanced value and services to their customers. Mobile Sales App is not limited to internet connectivity; with ready information, the sales team is now able to plan sales visits and record sales information and even create customer cases on-the-go. Meanwhile, the SOS (PIS) App enables clients to improve sales activity and visibility over sales activities. With the application, sales team are able to create, fill-out and submit request forms easily, create contracts automatically, and approval done in a few clicks. “Moreover, we will continue building partnerships with different top global cloud companies in the years to come. We believe that long term-relationships with thought leaders like Salesforce strengthens our best of breed model and ensure that we provide the best solutions for our clients,” concludes Apisek Tewinpagti, Chief Business Development & Co-Founder.