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Conga: Enabling Customers to find Success with Salesforce

The advent of process automation in the enterprise landscape has made managing large volumes of information easier and more accurate. In the age of data-driven decision-making, automation has helped organizations to deliver personalized services to keep customers satisfied and involved in every interaction. Knowing the importance of automation for businesses in the long run, Conga ventured out on a mission to create document automation for the Sales force platform.

The company’s flagship product, Conga Composer, has paved the way for Conga to rapidly transform organizations with fast, flexible and accurate utilization of Sales force data. Ken Cavallon, Vice President, Conga points out, “Conga was born on the Salesforce App Exchange from the very beginning. ”Being an integral part of the Sales force ecosystem since 2006, Conga is able to automate the document generation processes, ensure easy production of enterprise-grade documents, presentations and reports while leveraging all the data within Salesforce. In the initial days, when the market for Salesforce was completely naïve, Conga created the best tools for customers to optimize the Salesforce experience. Today, with the popularity of Salesforce reaching new heights, Conga's vision of becoming a trendsetter in the industry has only become stronger.

The Conga Platform - Simplifying Data, Documents, Contracts and Reporting

Owing to its innovative and proven efficiency, Composer is now the #1 paid-for app on the Salesforce App Exchange. Ken emphasizes, “Composer is unique because it is the easiest to deploy and easiest to use by both Salesforce administrators, as well as their end-users.” As Conga has grown, the Conga plat form has evolved to automate the full sales execution continuum from Lead-to-Cash, offering a unique competitive advantage to businesses from pre to post sale. For Salesforce users who want to optimize their CRM investment and accelerate their sales cycle, Conga solutions remove non-revenue generating activities by automating documents, workflows and reporting and simplifying data management.

With the recent acquisition of ActionGrid, Conga’s suite of products has expanded into robust data management making it easier for users to enter and manage data. With the right set of data at their disposal, organizations have real-time visibility into their business.“Data management was a natural addition to the Conga platform,” explains Ken. “Entering and updating data in Salesforce takes an inordinate amount of time away from sales teams, and ultimately if the data is good, so is the document.”

Conga’s platform, which also includes contract management and reporting solutions, have allowed customers to dynamically manage document content in an efficient, effective, and profitable manner. Ken says, “Our core competency lies in being 100 percent focused on Salesforce solutions.” Ten years and more than 600 5-star reviews later, Conga has built its reputation on the Salesforce App Exchange as much for its highly skilled group of Sales Cloud professionals as for its products.

Combining its highly skilled team and its breath of experience as a Salesforce expert, Conga is perfectly positioned to harness Salesforce’s multilingual, multi currency, multi text platform capabilities delivered to customers around the globe.

Pushing New Boundaries with Conga Composer, Conga Action Grid, Conga Novatus

Having category-leading apps on the Salesforce App Exchange, Conga has introduced new innovations in the industry and assists more than 150,000 users from 7,000 companies around the globe. Conga helps create more efficient sales organizations by optimizing the Salesforce Sales Cloud with the automation and simplification of data, documents, contracts and reporting. The technical capability of the company’s apps comes from easy-to use, nimble and highly innovative features that allows users to improve the entire customer life cycle from pre to post sales with data management, documents for quotes through invoicing, reporting for account planning and contract management. Conga’s contribution has been to empower organizations that rely on Salesforce by removing the pain points in the Lead-to-Cash process including administrative tasks, human errors, compromised usability and the flow of data.
Conga Composer

Conga Composer helps organizations to produce, automate and streamline customized documents from Salesforce. Conga Composer makes it easy to create sophisticated documents, presentations and reports from Salesforce by automatically populating richly-formatted templates with data from any standard or custom object or external data source via Lightning Connect. Working with industry-standard template formats to provide flexible presentation options, Conga Composer output files can be downloaded locally, stored in Salesforce, distributed via email or integrated with an eSignature or content management solution. Conga Composer can also automatically log activities, create follow-up tasks and even update fields. Take advantage of powerful automation functionality to transform a cumbersome manual process into a single button click or completely automated solution.

Conga Composer brings to the table all its unique features in delivering automated business documents. It can generate Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF Forms and HTML emails andmerge data from any standard, custom or Lightning Connect object with Salesforce reports or SOQL queries. The powerful app also includes complex content like tables, images, rich text, charts, dashboards, custom fonts, watermarks and global currencies and can be used to conditionally display sections of a document, group data and calculate formulas according to business rules.

Conga Action Grid,

Conga Action Grid turns Salesforce lists, related lists and reports into actionable, Excel-like grids to dramatically increase user productivity while improving the user-experience and user adoption rates. Its powerful interface enables users to understand and digest their data quickly, filter and group to slice and dice data to see relationships and take action fast.

Conga is perfectly positioned to harness Salesforce’s multilingual, Multicurrency, multitext platform capabilities delivered to customers around the globe

Conga Action Grid offers another level of Salesforce data analysis with dynamic view options like conditional formatting, sorting, mass updates and other Excel-like features to help capture and accelerate execution on sales based activities.

The integration of Conga ActionGrid’s technology with Conga document generation technology offers new ways for clients to manage batch and event-based customer communications removing even more wasted time from the customer lifecycle management process.

Conga Action Grid can enhance the sales process in minutes with a user interface that is more dynamic and user friendly than others products in the space. Conga Action Grid allows a user to update up to 50 Million records at a time and is the only solution with a reading pane, creating meaningful value by allowing you to preview and edit within the reading pane vs. clicking through Salesforce records. The tool does not limit columns —customer can define an infinite number of columns and then use freeze column feature to handle them all. Most importantly, Conga ActionGrid allows customers to build complex reports quickly using smart filters, multi column sorting, and grouping capabilities.

Conga Novatus

Conga Novatus provides complete contract management.The Novatus solution strikes the perfect balance between structure and flexibility allowing users to securely manage the entire contract life cycle with ease. The solution can be easily implemented, quickly adopted, and has the full end-to-end contract life cycle management (CLM) functionality purpose-built for enterprise contract management.

Novatus automates the entire CLM process, including drafting, negotiation, workflow and approvals, reporting, renewal management, and electronic signature. The easy-to-use dash board provides clients a real-time, personalized display of their visual data and statistics. Additionally, users gain access to compliance reporting for greater visibility between departments through out the enterprise, reducing risk and exposure.