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FITi: Empowering Transformation on Salesforce

Customer Relationship Management or CRM has vastly transformed the way businesses have been conducted over the past couple of decades. Coming to the era of technologies such as cloud, mobile, social, and big data, CRM has morphed into something far different than any of its previous iterations. While the core aspects of this approach may not have been subject to such massive change, most of the metamorphosis can be found in the various tools and extensions that are used to implement CRM. Salesforce to this end has served as a prime enabler for the CRM approach in the cloud era. Taiwanese company Future Intelligence Technology, Inc. (FITi) is a company that has been in the business of coupling these two services to offer optimized cloud CRM solutions for the Asia Pacific.

Founded in 1999, FITi originally started out offering solutions to the financial services industry. It was not until 2005 that the company started incorporating Salesforce as part of its CRM. Shortly it becomes clear that cloud CRM is the key focus for the company due to its growth potential andthe abundance of local clients. Partnered with Salesforce.com since 2006, FITi has led over 250 customers across industries to successfully implemented the world leading cloud based CRM. In 2010, FITi was selected as “Salesforce Cloud Alliance Gold Partner” and in 2015, FITi is further recognized as“Salesforce Cloud Alliance Platinum Partner “, the only platinum partner from Taiwan.
Shifting CRM services from on-premise to cloud has been FITi’s primary pursuit for the past decade. This of course is no easy task given the affinity of organizations towards on premise solutions and the lack of urgency to transform. “The perceivedrisk of initiating a cloud transformation is higher compared to the value of CRM, sometimes customers cannot oversee the risk and that is the difficult part for us to pitch,” says C.C. Lu, General Manager of FITi. The company therefore puts great efforts towards educating the clients of the various intricate aspects of Salesforce and the benefits that they stand to inherit therein. As a result, FITi has been honoured as “Most Certified Professional Award” in Greater China Region since 2010 and over 90percent of Taiwan Salesforce customers have partnered with FITi to ensure the success of business transformations and we are honoured to receive high customer satisfaction ratings through out the years.

Over 90 percent of Taiwan Salesforce customers have partnered with FITi to ensure the success of business transformations

FITi’s real strength lies in itssuccessful track records intransforming businesses in many sectors including high tech, manufacturing, retail, financial services, biotechnology, and professional services. In these sectors, FITi is also well experienced in different and complex B2B, B2C, and B2B2C business models. “We sell by experience; we are the first one in Taiwan to use Salesforce CRM so we know how things work. Throughout the years we haveexperiences in different industries and we continue to accumulate know how and apply it to others,” reiterates C.C.Lu. By staying updated in terms of certifications and standards, FITi constantly stays ahead of its peers in the market. In the years to come FITi intends to bring about further advancements in the Taiwan Salesforce market and perceives great potential especially in the financial and banking sectors.