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Nintex: Delivering Robust Workflow Automation Platform

The only constant in the technology landscape is change. With the introduction of new technologies every so often, there arises a need for businesses to adopt these trends in order to stay relevant in the market. However, the process of transitioning to a new technology can pose various challenges to an origination one of them being the stress and tension of an un-automated workflow. This could lead to time consuming, repetitive error prone tasks and risking the reliability and efficiency of work. With an aim to address these challenges, Nintex delivers integrated workflow solutions that are perfectly matched to address the needs of lines of business (LOB) and IT professionals.

Founded in 2006, Nintex is today well-known in the industry for automating simple to advanced workflows for its clients in the areas of sales, marketing, finance and operations—helping them to avoid delays and errors while executing any specific business functions internally as well as externally. Additionally, through technology-enabled automation, the organisation integrates different office application and redefines the overall workflow steps to achieve the desired outcome.

“Our platform started as an improved design module for Microsoft’s SharePoint, a visual, browser-based, drag-and-drop visual metaphor that let workers share workflows through the Share Point framework. Today Nintex supports SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, and the recent 2016 release, as well as SharePoint Online in Office 365,” says Brian Walshe, VP APAC Sales, Nintex.

Collaborating with Microsoft and Salesforce, the organisation helps its clients to revamp their efficiency and quality of employee, customer and vendor communications. The Nintex Workflow platform leverages the world’s largest ecosystems including Office 365, Salesforce, Share Point and other enterprise services platforms.
However, the organisation commenced to connect to cloud content in the year 2013 by combining Office 365 with the technology mix, holding Microsoft’s portable and scalable app model. After two years of blending Office 365, it acquired Draw loop, a Top 10 app on the Salesforce App Exchange to streamline business processes for improved employee productivity and customer engagement. The combination of Nintex and Draw loop united front-office functions such as sales with back-office operations like finance and accounting.

As a workflow automation provider, Nintex has been providing an IT-approved and secure platform offering a visual tool kit rather than a programming language. To eliminate the data chaos of technologies in IT firms, the organisation brings in digital order and automates analog processes, simultaneously opening the gateway to digital transformation. Also, the staff technology generalists avoid using codes and instead use clicks which automates the business processes rapidly and makes it convenient for its end users. This way Nintex bridges the gap between IT and operating departments. The company also possess a flexible technology platform which can handle quick delivery and ongoing change. Brian explains further, “IT managers trust and support our safe, secure, compliant, and familiar technology, which delivers easy-to-use yet powerful and scalable workflow capabilities where they are needed most — to operating departments.”

IT managers trust and support Nintex’s safe, secure, compliant and familiar technology, which delivers easy-to-use yet powerful and scalable workflow capabilities

The organisation has worked with more than 6,000 customers across 90 nations including market leaders such as LinkedIn, ANZ and Mitchells & Butlers among others. It also serves millions of workflow users through a global network of more than 1,500 partners. “Nintex is committed to continuing investment in its on-premises software for our clients, and we expect to maintain a balanced, cross-platform, hybrid model of on-premises and cloud capabilities for the foreseeable future,” Brian sums up.