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Saasten Technologies: Unwiring the Complex Cloud Computing Space

“Why buy a cow when you get the milk for free.” This analogy explains well the revolution in cloud computing. Establish a cloud platform and enjoy the benefits of apps instead of investing huge money in buying the software or building them up. But with great power comes great responsibility and also lies mayhem and complexity. With enormous data, operations and work flows in the cloud, the whole space becomes a hub where millions of software and apps have been deployed and managed. This is where companies like Saasten Technologies come into the picture, with the sole vision of unwiring the complexities of cloud computing.

“No Intricacy”, which means to erase all complexities, is Saasten’s mantra for companies who look for effective ways to implement a cloud platform. Founded in 1999, Saasten Technologies excelled with the basic ideal to grab the growing trends and demands in cloud computing solution needs. “Saasten’s business only focuses on Cloud computing, we partner with the World’s best cloud computing providers such as Salesforce, Google and Netsuite. Our tag line is “no intricacy”, which means we take out all the complexity from the customer when they need to implement a system”, explains Suwandi Suhardi, Founder & CEO, Saasten Technologies.

The APAC region and its vast IT space are still disparate with many data, system and processes still not integrated. In many of cases, the process is still manual. In addition to this the versatility of CRM and its importance is still not realized by many companies which can help in capturing leads, qualify, manage and track sales for more business revenue.
Now, how does a well-integrated platform help in boosting productivity? Here: “With complete and integrated Customer Platform by Salesforce, we help company to integrate those processes, automate some work, help them better tracking and monitoring their business with our intuitive report and dashboard, plus ability to access the system from anywhere and any device”, Suwandi justifies it all.

The cloud computing solutions offered by Saasten is result driven and helps companies mainly with integrating the processes and data. Apart from this, Saasten aids its clients to streamline and automate the manual operations which are time consuming supplementing the use of tools for tracking and monitoring of tasks. This accounts for the capture of leads and qualification which thereby enhancing sales. Chatter is one of Saasten’s flagship products after Sales Cloud and Service Cloud that is considered to be one of the best ways to collaborate at work. Chatter is an integrated social media for enterprises that enable the internal teams, partners and clients to communicate and collaborate over the cloud. Alongside these featured solutions, Saasten reigns supremacy in services such as Sales and Marketing Automation, Multi channel Contact Center, Telemarketing, Customer Loyalty for FMCG, Distributor and Canvassing Management System, as well as Mobile Application.

The cloud computing solutions offered by Saasten is result driven and helps companies mainly with integrating the processes and data

Even though in the coming years Saasten seeks to channel itself in innovative cloud computing and mobile applications on top of SFDC platform with focus on Business’s practical vertical solutions like Retail, Manufacturing and Distributions, Saasten also seeks to become one of the top leading Salesforce service provider in the country.