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Digital Elder: Changing the Face of Digital Marketing

Google solutions reverberates the ambitions and dreams of many a start-up company and entrepreneur who wishes to reach the pinnacle of success, and Digital Elder is one such company. Established in 2012 and head quartered in Melbourne, Australia, its founder and CEO Justin Hickey said that he recognized the gap in the market for a Digital solution which can be used by both direct and indirect agency clients, and this set the wheels rolling for him and company to go ahead with their plans.

“A need for an ad words solution in particular, which set up, managed and delivered transparent results, including on and offline (calls) leads to an easy to understand platform which enabled businesses to make better decisions about their online and offline marketing,” says Justin.

It is interesting to note that organizations aren’t provided with a rose-tinted pathway towards securing digital products and solutions for their ad requirements and with time addressing this concern had developed into a challenge for Digital Elder and many of its competitors.

After overcoming these odds the company now boasts of more than 50 agencies using their products and suites, sticking to a strategy where online and offline leads reign supreme, unlike its peers who rely on traffic and impressions. And the distinctiveness doesn’t end there as Digital Elder strives to stoke a direct customer relationship, a solution for affiliates, resellers and a reporting portal with transparent campaign data which collectively can be both white labeled for agency users and direct customers.
Justin Hickey speaking about the entourage of services DE offers said, “Our white labeled tracking platform reports portal tracks and measures campaign results across the board. Whether it is display, remarketing, social or ad words, we customize data based on maximizing return on investment, including full campaign call tracking and call recording to assist with establishing ROI and keyword intelligence to ensure we are maximizing budget to buying terms for ad words campaigns.”

The company helps clients through their astute knowledge and deep under standing of Google analytics directing the traffic toward their sites plus applying an innovative approach towards re-targeting and re-marketing the clients’ products with strategic development, message construction and creative execution. Other than that DE aids in website development with creating & engaging e-commerce designs and SEO website auditing and planning. In addition the core strength of Digital Elder which is the digital solutions they provide ensures the quality of service is never compromised for, be it Ad words, Google Display and Remarketing or Website creation and SEO.

Digital Elder strives to stoke a direct customer relationship, a solution for affiliates, resellers and a reporting portal with transparent campaign data

With a presence in more than half of Australia’s major states, Digital Elder looks forward to expand its services to the rest of them (NSW, SA & Tasmania) and also London while centralizing operations in Victoria to ensure high standards of campaign management. Additionally, they have tied up with a South African firm to open a joint venture in Cape Town, similarly in London, Florida and beyond. The idea is to set up a global platform to roll out their products and services from multiple locations in the world.