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Doxadigital: Indonesia's Portal to the Digital World

The introduction of Google in 1997 had a profound impact on the world. The various pursuits in our day to day life all of sudden could be accomplished through a single click. This to a great extent marked man’s foray into the digital era. This contribution to technology would eventually go on to save countless man hours that would have been wasted in search of various pieces of information. Google’s use over the years how ever has diversified from being just a search tool for publicly available data to various other ends including those serving enterprises. Digital advertising is one such field that Google has transformed over the years. Today Google ads is one of the most popular means for digital marketing and advertising which has also created a certain ease of access for potential consumers who seek to avail various services. A purveyor of this service in the APAC region is Indonesian firm Doxadigital.

Conceived in 2002 as a software house, the company’s initial venture revolved around building their own CMS, Word press and Joomla. With Adwords not being open for the Indonesian market at the time, Doxadgital was prompted to look toward the provision of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a first step to become a digital agency. In the next couple of years the organization transformed it self from a software house into a full creative and digital agency. Over the years the company was successful in growing their ranks with skilled creative-minded designers and marketing professionals replacing their previous contingent of programmers. Doxadigital’s efforts towards becoming a full-fledged digital marketing company came to fruition in 2014 when the company gained recognition as an Official Google partner after completing the Google Partner Programme dubbed ‘Google Engage for Agencies.’

Bringing Digital Transformation in a Non-Digital Savvy Market

Indonesia, despite its status as a major IT hub in the APAC, is still in its early stages as far as digital marketing is concerned. Most of this could be attributed to the lack of knowledge of the sector and the failure of big corporations in acknowledging the benefits of metrics for digital campaigns to boost business success. Such a scenario demands a certain level of education on the subject which could be further extended to demonstrations of tools that are related to digital marketing. Doxadigital’s technology roots allow the company to provide the most optimal solution to this issue. Their position as a data driven agency allows them to not only analyze and interpret data, but also to use codes to make tweaks and adjustments to business campaigns. With digital marketing being only a new medium for the marketing process the key here is to achieve conversion through the use of factual data.
“The client loves factual data, and presenting our solutions based on data – instead of assumption of what works best – really helps our sales,” says Viktor Iwan, Director and Founder, Doxadigital Indonesia.

Leveraging Google to Foster Creativity in Business Campaigns

Being a Google partner, Doxadigital has embraced Google’s ‘way of thinking’ in all its methodologies. For digital campaign services Doxadigital employs Google’s Adwords as a primary tool. This to a great extent ensures that the clients’ marketing campaigns stay on the right track and upon completion produce the expected results. This also ensures maximum viewer ship there by creating a buzz for each campaign amongst the public. For the campaign it self Doxadigital extends a full range of activation from creative works to web development, online marketing and video production. “The key is to help customers choose their goal between Awareness, Sales, Influence Consideran, and Loyalty. With clear objectives, their business will be on the right path to a successful campaign,” elaborates Viktor.

Doxadigital offers full transparency to their clients in the services offered enabling them to view the keywords that have been bided on, ad texts, split test etc. This has also been a reason why the company has gained popularity amongst its clients who remain loyal to the Doxadigital brand. Doxadigital’s Conversion Rate Optimization is another service that is in high demand in the Indonesian market. This service is rendered by leveraging Google’s analytics tools. Further more for clients that are in early stages of their marketing campaigns Doxadigital offers Google Apps for Work which are best suited for such situations.

Doxadigital’s position in the Indonesian market as a primary conveyor digital marketing services also comes with certain responsibilities which company intends to fulfil through innovation

The Future of Digital Marketing in Indonesia

Doxadigital’s position in the Indonesian market as a primary conveyor digital marketing services also comes with certain with certain responsibilities which company intends to fulfil through innovation. The first plan in their agenda deals with the development of services for mobile applications. This way Doxadigital can serve as a practitioner in the field instead of just serving ideas for these apps. The second plan revolves around the education of talent which could serve the sector better. To this end, founder Viktor Iwan is currently working as one of the trainers in Google Partner Academy, Indonesia. This will lay down the foundation for the Doxadigital Education division which the company intends to develop in the near future.

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