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BigTapp - Enabling Enterprises to Tap into Actionable Insights

Over the years, with the advancement of technology the way businesses are run has changed drastically. Gone are the days when decisions were taken based on little data and a lot of gut instinct. In today’s economic climate, businesses have realized the importance and impact of big data and analytics. Recent studies have proven that companies that have incorporated data and analytics into their operations show productivity rates 5 to 6 percent higher than those of their peers that have not adopted big data and analytics.“By combining businesses core data, contextual data (both internal and external to the organization) along with social media data (Unstructured), an organization can attain much higher impact resulting in the ability to take advantage of opportunities, minimize risks and control costs,” explains Venkata Narayanan L, Founder & CEO, BigTapp . His organization helps clients stay competitive and make swift decisions using their big data and analytics solutions. The Singapore headquartered company with subsidiaries in Malaysia and India provides “Purpose built” domain solutions (e.g. Customer Value Management, Loyalty Analytics) in SaaS model, consulting and managed Services to help enterprises accelerate their big data efforts and generate value from their data. “Our aim is to help organizations accelerate a solid return on their Big Data investments,” adds Venkata.
The forward looking organization has created Big "InFo ActiV"(Insight, Foresight, Action & Value), a unique platform that enables the creation of business analytics applications and deployment on cloud to enable rapid realization of business benefits. Apart from this, the company also provides a suite of big data business analytics applications developed using the platform that help customers get immediate business benefits. The company also has a strong team of data scientists and domain experts who provide consulting and managed services that ensure the realization of business benefits using big data.

Building Solutions to Tackle Big Data Challenges
Everywhere today, people are talking about big data but there is more focus on insight and not enough on what and how to channel it to derive business value. BigTapp’s platform addresses this critical ‘last mile’ also for converting big data to business value. It allows enterprises to have a fully managed, analytic development environment which is ready to use in less than 30 days, and with the scalability to address the most complex hybrid environments. The platform brings together the entire value chain of harnessing big data to deriving Insights, foresights, action and converting them to business value.

Apart from this, Big"InFo ActiV" provides application developers a platform designed to ingest, integrate and manage data from any source and in any format. Clients benefit from the technologies and operating principles that underpin Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and other businesses that rely on big data to improve customer experience, generate revenue, improve operations, manage risk more effectively and transform business processes.
“Lastly, it ensures that your environment is always available, performs at scale and grows as required, eventually creating an “Analytics Anywhere” environment in cloud,” explains Veera Narayanaswamy, Founder & COO, BigTapp.

BigTapp has also developed CVM (Customer Value Management) analytics, a set of purpose-built solutions that help businesses understand about their hindsight and identify the insight and foresight for future business decisions. The innovative solution eliminates Crystal ball gazing and enables a structured approach through data-driven insight, including, Customer and product profitability; Customer acquisition and retention strategies; Customer satisfaction strategies; Marketing segmentation and Operations and performance management.

Carving a Niche
BigTapp is relentlessly working towards capturing a larger chunk of the market share and has succeeded to a large extent. The company’s success can be attributed to the fact that it provides a Cloud delivery model (SaaS) which allows its customers to implement big data analytics without spending big money. “With a stated aim to democratize analytics, our delivery model allows our solutions to be affordable to Large Enterprises as well as enterprises aspiring to use best practices of Large Enterprises,” explains Veera. Apart from this, the company provides purpose built domain solutions. Under the overall umbrella of Customer Value Management, various applications like loyalty analytics and marketing analytics help its customers reduce their time to market window and gain a competitive advantage. The company also gains an upper hand owing to their highly experienced consultants who provide consulting services to customers in areas that range from defining the big data analytics strategy to realizing value from the data assets.
BigTapp also offers "On Tapp Analytics", a SaaS offering built on the Hadoop ecosystem. It leverages the decades of knowledge that BigTapp’s team of experts and BigData Center of Excellence have amassed over the years. The service is capable of rapidly performing in-depth analysis of large amounts of social data to provide marketers and others with insights that can help them maximize their efforts in a rapidly changing environment.

Winning with Flexibility Simplicity and Competitive Pricing
BigTapp strongly believes that big data and analytics services shouldn't be restricted to ultra digitized and data intensive business alone. “We believe opportunities should be available for everyone irrespective of their size,” says Venkata.

Our aim is to help organizations accelerate a solid return on their Big Data investments

The company helps smaller organizations to learn about their internal structured data, consolidating and correlating it with external unstructured data from the social streams to make logical and smarter decisions which generate tangible value.
The company has built a formidable clientele owing to its perfect blend of technology, platform, solutions, people, services and delivery model with a razor sharp focus on demonstrating measurable business value to customers. BigTapp’s team aims to become a strategic partner for quickly implementing big data and analytics solutions to deliver value to its business. “We want to be the “Salesforce.com” of the BigData and analytics space with our innovative and disruptive pricing,” adds Veera.