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High-Tech Solutions: Orchestration of IT Infrastructure and Assets, Increased Productivity and Mini

With the advent of new technology and business drivers such as cloud computing and virtualization, many organizations are migrating from their existing legacy infrastructure to a cloud environment. They are therefore faced with significant challenges. These include management of data and its security, together with the huge cost of maintenance, as well as the integration of existing applications with the latest ones. Many niche-managed IT service providers fail to address the growing concerns of data security, emails and large file structure associated with the migration. However, High-Tech Solutions, with headquarters strategically placed in Singapore, address individual customer’s needs and tailor solutions with specialized tools,whilst migrating all forms of data seamlessly with minimized business downtime.

“At High-Tech Solutions we do not simply provide a service, we believe in going the extra mile. We are available to provide support and advice to our clients when they need it” says Paul High, Founder of High-Tech Solutions.

One of the most pressing issues with respect to cloud computing is the current difference in accessibility of emails, Office web apps, conference calls and calendars. In addition, the cost and the time taken to relocate the existing workload is a big challenge from a financial point of view. Answering the weaknesses of cloud migration, High-Tech Solutions, being an official Cloud Partner of Microsoft, aids in moving a client’s domain to Cloud Exchange and files to SharePoint to ensure stability, accessibility and cost efficiency.

High-Tech Solutions use Remote Monitoring Management tools to oversee the Client's PCs and servers, thereby proactively monitoring their system, securing network and IT assets and eliminating their business disruptions.

High-Tech Solutions has a wider breadth of knowledge and deeper insights into the potential pitfalls of cloud migrations than most other niche players. They are specialized and equipped to handle migration for companies of all sizes and, for a minimal monthly fee, can remove the requirement of hosting, email exchange and file server on premises, thereby eliminating maintenance of expensive servers. Additionally, with Office 365, the user will be able to access emails, Office web apps, calendars, instant messenger, conference calls and share files anywhere in the world securely.

Many companies find it impossible to continually monitor the health and performance of their organization’s network without any kind of disruption to the workforce’s activities. Monitoring computers and servers 24/7 and fixing issues automatically have become an imperative part of IT managed services. Many IT companies continue to be reactive in dealing with IT issues as they emerge, without going deep into the root cause of the issues. “This means when things go wrong they “fire-fight” the problems and more often than not the problems return”, says Paul. High-Tech Solutions believe in fixing the issues at the root cause and monitoring the client’s IT platforms and infrastructures to make them work efficiently for their business.

In addition, High-Tech Solutions use Remote Monitoring Management tools to oversee the client’s PCs and Servers, thereby proactively monitoring their system, securing network and IT assets and eliminating business disruptions. With advanced self-healing capabilities, High-Tech Solutions’ RMM tools are able to configure and fix many issues before they become apparent to the client. “Our proactive services combined with a reactive service-desk, either remotely or onsite, provides complete managed IT support”, states Paul.

Along the same lines, High-Tech Solutions have implemented an ITIL standard service desk tool that records all the requests and issues sent by the clients via email. This reporting tool provides clients with monthly or quarterly reports that cover all the facets of their issues and requests. Furthermore, to build deeper relationships with customers across every channel, High-Tech Solutions also deliver Salesforce Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Salesforce Solutions have already caught the attention of global leaders by providing flexibility and customization, thereby delivering exactly what the client requires. Being a Microsoft product, Dynamics CRM requires lesser customization and can function directly within Outlook along with the cloud version hosted on the Office 365 platform with minimal expenditure.

Not only does a Managed Service reduce business risk with increased security and network integrity, but it also increases user productivity. With a vision to go the extra mile, High-Tech Solutions are strongly committed towards user productivity and provide support and advice to clients with solutions in a language that they understand. Much of High-Tech Solutions’ success can be attributed to recommendations from its existing clients, who, through word of mouth, have significantly increased their client base.

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