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Pactera Technology International : Rendering End-to-end Business and IT Services

With the global economy predicted to expand faster, businesses are now expected to narrow the gap of adoption of technology and spending on IT services. A recent study carried out by IDC has revealed that the scale of IT service business will have an unprecedented increase with about 14.1 percent compound annual growth rate(CAGR) from 2014 to 2018, allowing IT services to maximize business resources, improve management effectiveness and reduce exorbitant business costs. Further, a research conducted by Vanson Bourne analyzes in detail about Singapore companies’ plans to outsource IT basic infrastructure to the Cloud in the coming 10 years to remain competitive. Global IT vendors have viewed this shift in the IT services market as an indispensable opportunity to gain an effective understanding about end users’ demands as well market drivers and inhibitors. In addition, SMAC technologies (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) bring along a myriad of opportunities that enable organizations to drive consumerization of technology, including Enterprise IT.
The current market landscape of the APAC region has raised demand for IT services which are capable of delivering broad-based, innovative industry solutions while accelerating the creation of business value through insights and efficient delivery processes. Pactera Technology International, strategically headquartered in China, addresses these requirements by leveraging global consulting and technology services in multiple industry verticals. The company provides services in Business Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics, Application Development & Maintenance, Mobility Solution, Infrastructure Management, Software Development and Business Process Outsourcing to bring together people, process and technology and churn out faster ROI. Pactera has proven its proficiency in differentiation and innovation by ranking as the number one China-based Offshore IT Services Vendor by a leading industry research firm. In addition to becoming the number one China-based Offshore IT Service Vendor, Pactera has managed to become the 3rd largest vendor in the China Banking Industry IT market. “Pactera delivers superb world-class outsourcing services to our multinational clients across the globe. Our continuous commitments to our clients as well as our reputation as the trusted leader in China outsourcing reveals that our services are executed with strict adherence to world-class quality processes and standards, enabling customers to enhance the quality of products and services worldwide”, says Phillip Chow, CTO for Pactera Financial Service Group.
Pactera’s CMMI Level 5 rating combined with CMMI-SVC Maturity Level 3, Six Sigma, ISO 27001, ISO 9001:2008, SAS70 and PIPA enables the company to offer end-to-end business and IT sourcing project execution in a variety of flexible delivery model, focused on driving innovation while trimming the overall costs.

Helping Customers Enhance Growth with Business Analysis Platform
Big Data holds tremendous potential for enterprises that generate volumes of data from business operations. To capture the value of that data, enterprises must incorporate Big Data solutions and make valuable decisions. Pactera relentlessly works with its clients to leverage Big Data technology - a game changer in our data driven global economy and something that brings visibility to a treasure trove of data flowing through organizations. The Company helps its clients to determine their area of focus in order to acquire maximum value from Big Data and consequently develop a solution unique to their businesses. Integrating both structured and unstructured forms of data, Pactera has built a “smart data” platform wherein it allows enterprises to better understand customer needs and behavior and create specific solutions to address their needs. “We have already built up the biggest and most professional service team focused in business intelligence and big data area in local financial industry. With a long history of development, we have formed our own and mature methodology and solution framework in consulting, planning and implementation that focus us on how to achieve business value through specific solutions after the discovery of business problems”, adds Chuangzhou Wang, Sr Vice President, Financial & Insurance Services Business Group at Pactera.
Pactera’s BI solution framework consists of four major areas which includes Enterprise Consulting Service, Enterprise Application Service, Enterprise Data Service and Enterprise Data Governance Service. Harboring both experienced information technology specialists and business analysts in its arsenal, Pactera enables its customers to integrate the right tools and applications to improve data integration and analysis while increasing business value.
Pactera has further expanded its range of offerings by creating an Enterprise Collaboration Management Solution based on Microsoft SharePoint that transforms clients’ scattered assets into relevant information. It is a comprehensive enterprise package that covers full software life-cycles from design, development to implementation. It helps organizations consolidate diverse content from multiple locations into a centrally managed repository with consistent categorization and taxonomy. The company also provides Record Management tools which aid in protecting and storing static business records along with an audit trail for secure corporate governance.

Maximizing Profitability and Improving Customer Satisfaction
In the present economic climate, it is becoming difficult for enterprises to retain and develop business with existing client bases. The better the relationship is with the customer, the easier it is to generate revenue. Pactera understands the role of the customers in driving new business, and provides end-to-end customized Oracle, SAS and its homegrown CRM solutions to
transform sales, increase transaction value and protect profitable relationships. “Our cross-functional teams incorporate change management and business process management, while technology specialists deliver value-driven solution strategies and implementation”, adds Phillip.

Pactera delivers superb world-class outsourcing services to our multinational clients across the globe. Our continuous commitments to our clients as well as our reputation as the trusted leader in China outsourcing reveals that our services are executed with strict adherence to world-class quality processes and standards, enabling customers to enhance the quality of products and services worldwide

Leveraging Easy to Use, Scalable and low-cost Cloud Services
Leveraging traditional in-house data center infrastructure leads to some significant hardware and procurement challenges. Installing and managing hardware to set up a data center can cause cost overruns and resource exploitation. However, Pactera’s HSCloud delivers virtual data center experience through its easy drag-and-drop provisioning, user-controlled firewall, and load-balancer configuration, client-provided server images, server parking, and image cloning features. HSCloud is a virtual data centric solution that allows fast and scalable self-service data center provisioning. By eliminating the need to procure, install and manage hardware systems, HSCloud™ effectively creates, configures, and deploys a data center through a browser-based interface – without touching any hardware. “Furthermore, with HSCloud a user can tailor a flexible usage-based billing model that charges him/her only for resources actually used”, says Wang.

Becoming the Largest by “Thinking Globally and Acting Locally”
With increasing demands of migration to the Cloud, mobile big data and social media platforms, customers are consistently aiming towards IT modernization and transformation by enhancing their consulting and technology services. Along the same lines, M&A scenarios happening across the industries necessitate the existence of a robust and full-fledged IT solution which can provide high quality customer service aiding market expansion. Acquainted with this market development, Pectara does not want to be confined only to the Singapore and China markets; it wants to hit the high notes throughout the Asia Pacific regions and Austria. “As the largest China-based IT service provider now, Pactera sets the Asian Pacific region strategically as its focus to forge its future leadership and competitive advantages. Singapore is fairly important within Pactera to be the regional headquarters in South Asia overseeing our business in Austria as well. “Think globally, acting locally” is something we practice actively in Singapore to ensure business value for our clients”, articulates Phillip. Driven by innovation, Pactera is focused on creating a perfect balance of its personalized, high-value services and efficient delivery processes. Moving ahead with a positive outlook, the company continues striving to support its client’s growing business needs.

Achievements & Recognition
- No.1 China-based Offshore IT service vendor (according to 2013 IDC report)
- Ranked Top 3 banking IT solutions provider in China market (according to 2013 IDC report)
- Top 10 Vendor Worldwide In IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 Ranking (according to IAOP report)
- Pactera Recognized As a Leader in Zinnov Global R&D Services Report
Pactera’s Revenue Model
- Goals of business revenue to be split into 1/3 Outsourcing, 1/3 IT solutions and 1/3 business consulting

Key Milestones
2012-VanceInfo and hiSoft join together in a “merger of equals” to create Pactera Technology International Ltd. (NASDAQ: PACT)
Australian on-shore consulting practice organization established
Hong Kong IT specialized services and consulting business unit established
2011-US onshore business and technology consulting services practice launched
2010-Melbourne office established
HiSoft lists on NASDAQ stock exchange (NASDAQ: HSFT)
Cloud Computing services practice launched
2009-First European office established in London
2008-Singapore office established
2007-VanceInfo Lists on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: VIT)
Ranked top China-based software outsourcing services provider for North American and European markets by IDC – and ranked in the top spot ever since
2003-Set up subsidiary in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Certified company-wide CMM Level 5
2002-First Chinese technology services firm to receive ISO 9001 certification
2001-Opened offices in Tokyo, Japan and Silicon Valley, USA