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Clove Technologies: Leveraging UAVs to Render GIS Solutions

Raju Kalidindi,Managing Director

The adoption of mapping as an enterprise application in the form of GIS has had a profound impact on all industries world wide. Technological advancements in the past couple of decades have enabled technology pioneers to extract a wide variety of information from different forms of data acquired through mapping. This concept over the years has manifested into a global industry that purveys business critical data for organizations to analyse and optimize their business. A key extension of GIS as an enterprise service is Building Information Modelling (BIM), which has served as a vital tool in the construction, maintenance and operation of physical infrastructures. Various organizations both public and private have benefited enormously with BIM.

The data acquired through this service when coupled with other essential extensions of GIS has been known to generate positive results for companies to grow in their corresponding markets. A company that realized this fact during the early stages of this industry’s evolution is Indian firm Clove Technologies. Based out of the state of Telangana in the Subcontinent, this firm specializes in the delivery of services related to CAD and GIS. Clove Technologies’ inference of the convergence of technologies such as BIM, 3D urban mapping and other spatial and non-spatial data which get integrated into entire Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) along with integrated Geo spatial Maps was a prime factor in the development of the unique brand of services it offers.

Backed by its team of experts’ proficient in the delivery of GIS as a tool for enterprises to extract information, Clove technologies has been quite successful in tailoring solutions to various organizations around the world.
Over the years, Clove technology has offered competent GIS services which include Changing Detection in images taken at different times of the same area, Ortho-rectification of images to their location on the earth, Spectral Analysis using non-visible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum to gather information, Image Classification of pixels based on reflectance into different land cover classes, Parcel Maps using coordinate geometry techniques and GPS image BASE mapping to create maps from scratch, Digitization of nautical maps into Electronic Navigation Charts, City Walk through's from map and location data for real-estate, municipal administration as well as gaming, data conversion from one format to another, highly Accurate centimetre level 3D mapping using UAV / Drone Technology. At the heart of Clove Technologies’ service complement are three major solutions- SCAN to BIM which processes intelligent 3D BIM models from Point cloud 3D scan, 3D Geo Data (3D city models) from satellite images producing DEM/DTM , Digital Height models, Land Cover land use and also Building Level vector Data and projection of Highly Accurate Centimetre level Accuracy 3D models of large areas using UAV / Drone.

Clove Technologies has been successful in tailoring solutions to various organizations around the world

Clove Technologies flexible and agile service offerings have become the company’s main strength. “This ability helps us in our business risk management very effectively as we are not over dependent on one or two clients, ” elaborates K. K. V. NarasimhaRaju, Managing Director, Clove Technologies. In the years to come Clove technologies intends to add technologies in the Data Capturing space using modern Surveying equipment’s such as 3D laser scanners, Sub surface ultra sound scanners and develop their indoor mapping capabilities using technologies such as Google Tango and 3D laser scanning.