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GlobeTech: Assisting in Navigation with NOSTRA Map

Wichai Saenghirunwattana,General Manager

The science of land mapping, which was in a nascent stage in early 90’s, has today taken a massive leap forward with the inclusion of Cloud System in GIS. The advent of Geospatial Technology platform aids private organizations and agencies to analyse and transform data into a powerful digital database. Cost saving and better decision making has become easier with Geospatial Technologies, and one company that has been leveraging GIS to aid business is GlobeTech. Incorporated in 2008, GlobeTech which delivers hardware, software, data, and application, as well as training and consultancy service to customers.

Having the largest mapping facility with virtually 200 map production staff, GlobeTech offers end-to-end solutions in GIS space starting from building the enterprise data to building enterprise-wide GIS application and system integration for government as well as private enterprises. This Thailand headquartered company provides on-premise map application and map cloud solutions which allows customers to choose GIS solutions based on their requirements and priority. Besides, the company provides consultancy right from the initial stage of involvement until the implementation stage. Wichai Saenghirunwattana, General Manager, GlobeTech Co. Ltd., aptly adds, “Our GIS application, efficiency in implementation or building data make us the one-stop service provider in GIS space.”

The company was incepted circa 2008 as a spin-off from Esri (Thailand), an international distributor of Esri Inc. (Redlands, CA), the world’s largest supplier of Geographic Information System (GIS) software, web GIS and geo database management applications in Thailand and South East Asia. Formerly, the company used to monitor digital map content production for its business in the GIS and car navigation arena. Over the years, it scaled up and now renders off-the-shelves GIS analysis tool and application based on Esri’s ArcGIS platform that is efficient and saves time and cost involved in development process.
Wichai explains, “Our product brand is ‘NOSTRA’ which comprises of digital map contents for GIS and car navigation application. ” Along with the NOSTRA map that is considered as the most comprehensive and accurate digital base map in Thailand and South East Asia, GlobeTech also provides other layers of data that allows GIS customers to do the analysis for their business requirement. The company employs database experts who have deep technical as well as business understanding to design a GIS database.

Having the largest mapping facility with virtually 200 map production staff, GlobeTech offers end-to-end solutions in GIS space

With nearly 30 years of large scale GIS implementation experience, the company holds the largest potential team of expertise in GIS data collection, GIS database design, and GIS application development that offers the best digital base map and contents that suites the need of businesses. So far, the company’s GIS solution has been widely used by hundreds of companies and government organizations all over Thailand, while its map for navigation has been used mostly by car manufacturers as OEM, dealer, and aftermarket products that include Garmin’s PND. To have far-fledged growth in future, it is meticulously working on many exciting digital map contents for upcoming technologies such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) for autonomous cars, indoor map, and big data analysis, digital map data for the whole South East Asia etc. As GIS is gradually becoming pivotal for multiple industries like banking, retail, automotive, oil & gas, GlobeTech is keen to add new dimensions to its row of services to remain at the fore front.