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METAMEDIA TECHNOLOGY: Ingerated Services For Corporate GIS

Dr. Vuthichai Ampornaramveth,Managing Director

“GIS mapping software has become essential for enterprises to analyze, manage and present all types of spatial or geographical data. However, challenges such as complicated licensing scheme and system structure of traditional solutions have been causing hindrances for enterprises,” says Dr. Vuthichai Ampornaramveth, Managing Director, Metamedia Technology, a software provider with specialization in map services.

Having analyzed this situation of uncertainty Metamedia approached these issues directly through their products called “Longdo Map Box”. Incepted in Thailand in 2005, Metamedia’s PRIMARY motto was to provide cost effective and hassle-free solutions with high quality output to meet corporate customer requirements.

Since its inception, the company had been running the popular among Thai Internet users free online services under the domain Longdo.com. Until now (2016), the website receives about one million page views daily and more than one million total mobile app downloads. Through this platform Metamedia has been offering services for end-users such Longdo Map (online collaborative map), Longdo Traffic (real time Thailand traffic information), LongdoDict (online dictionary), and the Longdo Cards (e-Membership-card platform for small and medium businesses).

On the business side, Metamedia has its flagship products and services for corporate GIS for enterprises of all sizes in the form of either the hardware appliance “Longdo Map Box” or the “Online API” cloud-based map services. While the software-as-a-service Online API serves typical needs of the smaller clients, the uniqueness of the solution is the product “Longdo Map Box” with the fact that once incorporated it in the customers’ environment, all the functions of the appliance provided through the APIs are available for unlimited use within the organization, regardless of the number of users, applications type, and tracked assets. This hugely mitigates the typical complexity of the GIS system and the map licensing scheme.

In case of large organizations or high-availability environments, customers can increase the number of boxes in the environment to handle more workload.
The complexity of the traditional licensing scheme has transformed into a simple question of the number of appliances to be deployed. Moreover, and Online API Longdo Map Boxcan be used interchangeably, providing another level of service availability, enabling clients to accomplish their critical goals. The product also allows for various choices of map data to avoid vendors lock-in. The company has partnered with several map data partners to answer all market needs.

The uniqueness of the solution changes the landscape of GIS/map market for the corporates and has been one of the reasons that have made Metamedia a force to be reckoned with in the industry. The company also renders cost effective service to support clients with profitable price delivery.

After ten years of continuous development and deployment clients have developed a loyalty towards Metamedia which has enabled the company to ensure quality services in various sectors such as banking, insurance, automotive, transportation, planning, engineering, research and development.

Metamedia’s journey has always revolved around deployment and customer acquisition and it has made a remarkable instance for other enterprises to follow

“In the short and medium term we hope to reach out to Asia Pacific and global markets apart from Thailand with our successful product and services (Longdo Map Box and Online APIs) as well as our premium custom map/GIS software development service” explains Dr.Vuthichai.

Metamedia’s journey has always revolved around deployment and customer acquisition and it has made a remarkable instance for other enterprises to follow. “In the long term we will continue to innovate in the field of software development by answering to customers’ needs both enterprise and end-users (via our Longdo.com web site) with the team of experts in the area” concludes Dr Vuthichai.