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Silicon Communications: Delivering Integrated and Advanced Services in GIS

Dato Teo Tien Hiong,Managing Director

Geomatics and Geographic Information Systems or GIS might sound esoteric to the man on the street but, whether they know it or not, this technology has permeated into the daily lives of the average technology user from the geo tagged selfie to searching for the nearest caffeine hit on their cell phone. Like wise, more and more, organizations are making use of a variety of GIS solutions to carry out and improve their daily operations and decision making process.

According to Dato Teo Tien Hiong, Managing Director, Silicon Communications Sdn. Bhd.(SCSB), there is a rapidly growing realization among organizations of the benefits that can be derived from GIS in almost every industry and a growing demand for GIS components in enterprise solutions.

Silicon Communications together with its parent company, SAINS, is an end to end ICT solutions provider which provides a range of solutions in diverse sectors including logistics, local government, security, energy and education.

Teo says, “Our GIS unit provides end-to-end Geomatics Services and Geo Product offerings which we tailor to the business needs of our government and commercial customers. These include GIS Consultancy, GeoData Development, Geo Solution Development, Remote Sensing, Support and Training.”

A major GIS industry player in Malaysia, Silicon Communications’ key strengths lie in the SAINS Group’s knowledge and experience in the land industry as well as in the areas of Government and Local Government, allowing them to provide a land information solution that supports a full range of business processes including land administration, management, development planning, valuation, survey, mapping and enforcement of land laws. SCSB’s solutions for the Logistics industry provide owners with real-time access to valuable and accurate information on asset location, routes taken and mishandling of the asset.
In 2012, the SAINS Group won the Geospatial World Excellence Award in the Governance Category for Geospatial Software & Technology in Land Administration and Land Management. Taib Belal, a superintendent at a divisional land office, said on the convenient land services for the public after the system roll out, “For title search, renewal of land lease, land application and title registration, our land information system really cuts down all the running around, and I’m not just talking about the public, I mean our staff as well. Things become easier, now that everything is consolidated. These days we just click a few buttons, the other person gets a notification, does what he needs to do and sends it back. It’s very fast now.”

A major GIS industry player in Malaysia, Silicon Communications’ key strengths lie in the SAINS Group’s knowledge and experience in the land industry

Silicon Communications is also a distributor for Super Map GIS platform, in the region and Planet Labs satellite imagery, in South East Asia. On this partnership, Teo says, “We are extremely excited about the business potential of these strategic partnerships with Planet Labs and Super Map. Time liness has always been a barrier for the use of satellite imagery.

Planet Labs’ Dove satellites that scan the earth constantly are a game changer that opens up the way for the use of satellite imagery for time sensitive activities such as disaster response and environmental monitoring. Super Map’s powerful 2D & 3D platform will allow us to further develop our GIS solutions to provide our customers with the best value for money proposition. Moving forward we will take advantage of technologies offered by Planet Labs and Super Map as well as other technologies such as drones to continue to provide competitive geospatial services and solutions to a wide range of industries in the region.”