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Jawdat: Transforming Networks, Infusing Agility

Tedhi Achdiana,Co-Founder & MD

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) are the two key networking technologies that are changing the way corporate networks are designed, built, and operated. SDN gives network owners and operators more control on their network infrastructure. Programmable customization and optimization feature allows SDN and NFV to achieve the required business agility and scale out existing network on-demand. More importantly, these evolving technologies reduce the overall capital and operational costs for the operators. Realizing the unique benefits, scopes, and opportunity in deploying SDN and NFV technologies, three industry veterans—Himawan Nugroho, Ferdi Widianto and Tedhi Achdiana incepted Jawdat in 2012.

Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia and with branch offices Dubai, UAE and California, U.S., the company initially started as a consulting firm focused on network transformation from legacy to Next Generation Networks. However, looking at the benefits of evolving SDN and NFV technologies, the founders redefined Jawdat's charter and overhauled the company's services as a solution provider in SDN & NFV domain. Himawan Nugroho, Co-Founder and Interim CEO, expounds, “We build SDN & NFV industry ecosystem, by hosting SDN Hackathons and various workshops for professionals and university students.” Today, Jawdat helps service providers to create new revenue opportunities at an accelerated pace through the creation of software-based applications while provisioning their existing network infrastructure and services.

Jawdat offers several SDN & NFV-based solutions such as SDN & NFVI System Integrator for underlay technologies, Virtualization & overlay, Virtualized Infrastructure Manager and single management system; the MANO Solution Development and Service Designer for Management, Orchestration and service consumption. The company champions in delivering end-to-end SDN & NFV solutions which addresses customer's growing demand on their network infrastructure and solves challenges with network scaling.
Jawdat has its own products which include Juragan Service Orchestration, JongOS SDN Controller and network telemetry module integrated into its orchestrator product.

Ferdi Widianto, Co-founder and Chairman, Jawdatstates, “Our services help customers to define their road-map. We help them take on the changes in corporate data centres design, helping them break out of infrastructural silos to DevOps model, and identify quick-wins that can be achieved within short term.”

Jawdat implements vendor agnostic approach in its solutions. It works with multiple hardware and software vendors and integrates multiple technologies from physical resources all the way up to service orchestration. Its domain expertise, experience and solid consulting background help it to identify the business case and solve the problem at hand. Tedhi Achdiana, Co-Founder and Managing Director, elaborates, “Jawdat is a trusted advisor who focuses on client's concern and uses their point-of-view to assist them with the right technology that their business demands.” The company's resources are proficient in computer networking, Network Programming, Next Generation Networks, Virtualization, Automation and Data Centre technologies.

Jawdat’schampions in delivering end-to-end SDN & NFV solutions which addresses customer's growing demand on their network infrastructure

Aplikanusa Lintasarta, PT. Telekomunikasi Selular and Dubai Police are a few elite clients of the company. Going forward, Jawdat plans to foray into Internet of Things (IoT) market, employ artificial intelligence in Computer Networks and add Big Data Analytics to provide more comprehensive analysis. Leveraging its experience in SDN & NFV and in Management & Orchestrator (MANO) products, Jawdat is undoubtedly at the forefront of the evolving cloud networking technologies.