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Pluribus Networks: Network Visibility and Analytics for Everyone

Kumar Srikantan,President and Chief Executive Officer

An enterprise’s network infrastructure has become the critical success factor for business in the era of Digital Transformation. Everything relies on the network. Every line of business and every revenue stream revolves around how well the network performs. Converged Infrastructures, Virtualization and other forms of abstraction have created a physical infrastructure that has been designed to be invisible to the end user, which has actually elevated the need by IT professionals to understand exactly what is happening in the network. Network visibility is now strategic rather than tactical.

Basic network visibility has always been available, but has been prohibitively expensive and complicated to deploy. And the tools themselves have been very technically-oriented with poor alignment to the actual business services delivered. California based Pluribus Networks understands this conundrum and has developed its Virtualization-Centric Fabric (VCF) architecture to address this visibility and business analytics need. Pluribus recently announced its comprehensive network management suite, named VCFcenter, and delivered its first two flagship applications for that suite; VCF Insight Analytics and VCF Packet Analytics. As a true management platform, additional VCFcenter applications will be released over the coming months.

VCFcenter is affordable and easy to use. It shares some of the same interactive big data as those used by Google, and enables its users to obtain a deep level of business usage visibility into their foundational IT services with the click of a mouse.
To do this, Pluribus leverages the commoditization of networking and the maturity of open-source to drive the price and complexity of visibility and analytics down. “We make network analytics affordable to everyone, at the exact point in time when everyone needs it. We make it simple to deploy and easy to consume with in their own networks. Customers that use our VCFcenter management suite see their existing network in a whole new light. They can actually see their business in real-time, as viewed from the network itself,” says Kumar Srikantan, President and CEO, Pluribus Networks.

Pluribus invented its patented VCF architecture with the digitalization of business in mind. VCF applications provide traditional visibility to packets as well as visibility to application flows of information. These flows are directly related to the business services running across the organization. In short, VCF enables real-time business alignment with the technical underpinnings, at multiple levels, regardless of specific manufacturer of those networking devices.

VCFcenter can be used in any network in place today. Both physical and virtual collectors can be deployed as needed with a single occurrence of the VCFcenter management suite being deployed. VCFcenter can be deployed in small environments that see millions of packets and flows per day, or can be used in web-scale environments that see billions of transactions. And VCFcenter stores this information for an indefinite period of time, allowing network forensic studies to be performed on historical data.

“Monitoring vendors have traditionally created complex products that have been viewed as a luxury,” adds Srikantan. “In today’s digital-centric world, the kind of visibility and analytics that VCFcenter brings to the network is an essential part of doing business in a modern world.”