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25 Most Promising Project Management Solution Providers

Certatech: Experienced, Driven, Accountable

Adam Hillary, Managing Director

The global telecommunications and IT industries are changing rapidly, with accelerating technical evolution and a shifting competitive landscape. Increasing market pressure means companies are compelled to run ongoing multi-site, multi-region, multi-vendor programs of work, with constantly changing strategic deployment priorities. Certatech, a professional project services firm is known to be unique in the project management market place, based on its ability to successfully control and deliver programs of large and complex magnitude. Back in 2006, the founders saw an opportunity to offer clients an exceptional project management service based on the team’s industry experience, passion for delivery at all costs, and the willingness to embrace accountability. And thus, Certatech was founded.

Headquartered in Melbourne, the firm’s core capability lies in project management, specifically, the planning, management and delivery of large, complex, mission critical programs of work. “We augment our project management capabilities with a range of complementary services, all focused on the successful delivery of projects for our clients. These services include technical consulting, business analysis, test management, training management and program management tools,” says Adam Hillary, Group Joint MD.

Certatech, over its years in the industry, realized that there was a need for a tool with the flexibility and processing power to manage the considerable data volumes and reporting requirements of large, complex network deployment programs. Thus the company created Build Director, a specialist deployment management tool. “It implements and controls the end to end workflow for each site in a large deployment program. Field staff add task progress, milestone completion, approvals and artefacts into Build Director in real time through a web front end,” explains Adam Hillary, Group Joint MD.
The tool further aggregates this individual site data across the program and makes it available for presentation at the reporting layer. The tool delivers the management information needed by stake holders at all levels of the program hierarchy to manage their part of the program effectively, and it provides directors and senior stake holders with the dashboard information they need to monitor overall program status in real time and make strategic decisions on deployment priorities. “Our clients now enjoy the ultimate in flexibility, aesthetics, governance-ready reporting, and real-time decision making,” explains Adam.

With Certatech’s unrivalled ability to deliver large, complex, mission critical programs of work the firm today has won clients in the telecommunications, network engineering, utilities, transport and logistics industries. The firm is set to celebrate its first ten years of growth and success. “We’ve grown from a handful of staff in 2006 to well over 150 staff today, successfully delivering high value projects for our clients through out Australia and the Asia-Pacific region,” says Adam.

Headquartered in Melbourne, the firm’s core capability lies in project management, specifically, the planning, management and delivery of large, complex, mission critical programs of work.

In the next cycle of growth, the company is focused on continued diversification into new industries, geographies and service areas. The company has recently joined forces with CharterMason to create the newly established professional services firm, CMC Group. Both companies will continue to maintain their individual branding and client relationships, with the added benefits of the combined expertise, innovation and diversification provided by CMC Group. With Certatech’s track record in managing large scale network deployments and a strategy for ongoing diversification, the firm is on an upward growth trajectory.