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CharterMason: Creating New Standards in Businesses through Unique Transformation Solutions

Werner Spies, Managing Director

Organisations have a tendency to frequently underestimate the challenges involved while embarking on a transformation journey. Without sufficient knowledge or experience in running complex business transformation initiatives, many organisations ultimately do not reap all the benefits from their investment, or need to invest way more than originally anticipated. In order to rectify this, companies need to employ a system of product agnostic consultation with a strong focus on true execution management. This is where CharterMason comes into the picture. Established in 2004, CharterMason is a consulting firm whose business was built around a unique operating model that provides tier-1 level expertise to organisations and enterprises without a tier-1 level agenda. The company constitutes talented professionals with an ownership-based mindset and approach, constantly striving to refine and reinforce the quality of their services.

Over the years, CharterMason has built a business where its 120 consultants are connected, collaborative, versatile and self-directed, with several years of experience leading competencies such as Program and Project Management, Business Analysis, PMO, Business Transformation, People, Organisational Change Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Sourcing and Vendor Management and Enterprise Architecture and Technology.

CharterMason employs a team of highly trained project execution specialists developing deep insight into its clients’ business challenges and understanding their needs. They embed their knowledge and insights within the client team to provide the confidence and security to deliver the client’s strategic objectives. Werner Spies, Group Joint Managing Director, CharterMason, says “We close the gap between the System Integrator and the client. We focus on managing the key areas of risk that the client owns during a transformation.
We play in the cracks. We are the glue that binds it all together. CharterMason differentiates it self by minimizing risk and providing a great customer experience”.

The company holds agility as a primary characteristic in an organisation's culture and systems that allows it to routinely embrace and thrive in changing competitive and operational contexts. CharterMason uses the Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprises (SAFe) and decades of cumulative expertise in delivery execution to help clients ask the right transformative questions to bring about organisational agility within each unique cultural context. Through consultancy, transformation CharterMason has created a digital practice, assembling a team of experts in the mobility and digital space over the last 12 months. “Delivering successful mobility solutions requires a variety of distinct skill sets and an overarching and strategic approach to digital in the workplace,” adds Werner. The company now has the ability to deliver end-to-end big data, cloud and mobility solutions utilising best practice approaches on everything from customer experience and loyalty, to device testing and quality assurance.

CharterMason was built around a unique operating model that provides tier-1 level expertise to organisations and enterprises without a tier-1 level agenda

As part of its future growth plans, CharterMason has recently joined forces with Certatech to form the newly established professional services firm namely CMC Group. Both companies have initially worked together. Certatech’s focus was on project leadership and technical expertise, where as CharterMason was more about business transformation. Evidently, both of these services complemented each other in a unique way which eventually brought their interests to a mutual alignment. Presently, the collaboration is adding benefits of the combined expertise and innovation. The CMC Group is privately owned and has over 250 consultants operating through out Australia.