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25 Most Promising Project Management Solution Providers

enQuire: The Go-to Service Provider for Grants, Contract and Project Management Software

Simon Warner,CEO

Managing a project is no piece of cake and companies often face challenges pertaining to data management, deficit of wide geographical distribution, improper association between financial and performance information, and inability to measure the success of a portfolio or program of work. As an answer to these challenges came enQuire, a grant, contract and project management software solution designed by Tactiv Pty Ltd.

The solution connects all staff, applicants and vendors to a single system and a single source of data. It also interfaces with other key enterprise systems like finance and human resources to further improve grant administration and management organization-wide. Originally designed to simplify the workings of grant funded projects in Australia, the solutionis today used widely by not-for-profits, health, government, environment and commercial organizations across the globe. “We currently manageover $18 billion in funds across 50 organizations and government agencies throughout Australia and internationally,” says Simon Warner, CEO.

Core to the enQuire concept is providing “client configurable” solutions for Grant Management, and driving out the complex Compliance, Financial and Administrative risks that their clients are facing. Further expanding on the nature of the company and its solution, Simon mentions, “enQuire replaces a variety of disparate systems and ad hoc data and reporting practices though integrating the entire life cycle into a single system based on a single source of data. It offers support for pre-award and post-award requirements for publishing and managing grant applications through to grant, contract and project administration, financial management and performance reporting.”

enQuire promises to deliver significant savings, up to 66% in Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) time and cost to manage grant programs, impressive to be sure. But it’s the capability to increase the value for money from public spending and improve the quality of public services that resonates with enQuire’s clients.
“Supporting government and major funding organizations to monitor, manage and report on how public funds are invested and what is achieved goes to the core of why we created enQuire” says Simon. Some of enQuire’s valued clients include the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Department of National Parks, Sports and Racing, Ministry of Foreign Affairs New Zealand International Aid Programme, ABT-JTA, Office of Emergency Management NSW, and the World Health Organization.

The powerful combination of enQuire’s Applicant Portal and Management Portal ensure the company provides high-end solutions to the most intricate of the issues in the market. Spelling out the functionality of these two solutions, Simon says, “Applicant Portal supports all external interactions, including creating and publishing proposals, application submission, assessment and eligibility and managing applicant interactions. Management Portal is focused on internal business needs for project, budget and contract management, compliance and reporting.” enQuire also provides premium support services which not only enhance the quality of the services, but also make services consistent across grant applicants and other third parties.

Originally designed for simplifying the workings of grant funded projects in Australia, enQuire is today used widely by not-for-profits, health, government, environment and commercial organizations across the globe

For the future Tactiv’s roadmap for enQuire unvaryingly addresses new market demands including open technology services to support more integration to other core enterprise systems, use of micro-services deployed on an as needed basis quickly responding to specialized client requirements, accessibility requirements and portability across different devices, greater flexibility with system security and cloud hosting configurations and advanced enterprise financial, document management and business intelligence features.