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25 Most Promising Project Management Solution Providers

FMevolution: An Able Guide for Efficient Project Management

Verghese Jacob, Managing Director

Ear-soothing fake assurances and incompetency are never healthy for a company and for the successful implementation of its projects. Of all the requirements, transparency is the most viable feature for managing a project. Despite being strongly competent, large brands end up with failed projects in their hands. FMevolution, a trailblazer in the project management industry, has genetically refurbished itself in a way that the company will not only be highly proficient in rendering services, but will also be unclouded and frank in the dealings it makes and the guidelines it offers; and therein lays the company’s vigor to succeed.

FMevolution has been a witness to the project management industry since its genesis in 1997, making it proficient in the field to confer and resolve the signs and symbols of the projects’ illness at early and advanced stages. The organization takes interest in proper understanding and analysis of a company and project; and accordingly provides services specializing in the full consulting services for data centers and Telco facilities. FMevolution came into existence owing to Verghese Jacob’s 18 years of work at Telstra.

All these accumulation have positioned the company tall and strong in its base location Melbourne, Australia and in its other locations of Sydney and Nanjing, China. Verghese, MD, says, “Today FMevolution provides independent consulting, project management and technology integration, which in turn compliments each other to reach the overall solution. We know the Australian, and more broadly, the Asian data centre markets. We have undertaken confidential assignments for Government, local, national and international customers.”

Giving further boost to the company and their client-oriented approach are the company’s array of services, namely strategic data centre reviews, data centre market research, data centre due diligence for potential clients,
technical property searches, sales and lease back options, TCO / ROI financial modeling, design project management, plant, equipment and head contractor sourcing, construction superintendent, project management delivery and technology business growth strategies. Leading companies such as CSC, Global Switch, Metronode, Nawras, Pacnet, Tata Consulting Services, Victorian Department of Business & Innovation and Wool worths Limited among others have put their trust in the comprehensive services rendered by FMevolution.

As per the clients’ business obligations the company judges and provides services and solutions accordingly. One of the most deserving projects worth mentioning is the one in which FMevolution took the levers of control of a program and project management belonging to Australian Regional Government. Verghese explains, “We independently program and project managed the successful delivery of two modular designs and internationally accredited Tier III data centres for use by Australian Regional Government. FMevolution was engaged to oversight design management; planning approval submission; long lead time material procurement; construction superintendent during construction; and commissioning and handover.”

As per the clients’ business obligations FMevolution judges and provides services and solutions accordingly

A company’s success is directly proportional to its clients’ success stories. Hence, when two of their data centre clients have been awarded with ‘New South Wales Master Builders’ and five of them have been awarded ‘Uptime Institute Tier III Design, Facilities and Operations Certification’, FMevolutions’ competence and accomplishment also got defined in terms of their project management services. For the future, the company strives to excel in their capability of guiding clients with their consultancy and serving clients with the highest standards of energy and water sustainability at “reduced operational costs”.