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e-Lock Corporation: Eliminating IT and Data Security Threats through Cost-Effective IT Security Solutions

Dr. Ken Leong,Founder & CEO

The advent of IT has bestowed upon businesses great opportunities to grow and gain efficiency. But, at the same time, it has also brought about various security threats that a business cannot afford to turn a blind eye to. Similar was the state of businesses during 1990s when the world started witnessing notable adoption of IT among businesses and governmental organizations specifically in terms of emergent usage of Internet. During this period, businesses started considering the benefits brought along by IT systems but the security of information and integrity of user transactions, data and their identity was still a concern. There is where Dr. Ken Leong, a professional with hands-on experience in IT emerged as a strong support for businesses seeking information security solutions. He founded e-Lock Corporation, following his vision to explore new opportunities in Malaysia’s IT industry. The company was incepted in 1996 to focus on delivering information security solutions to businesses. He then set up a team of highly capable individuals and went on to develop e-Lock’s first product and built a business of security consulting services for local enterprises.

e-Lock’s first product was an encryption software, Locksoft-1, which released in 1999. Developed by Dr. Ken Leong, the software was based on proprietary 128-bit cryptographic algorithm. In the following year, the company emerged with WebALARM, a file integrity monitoring and protection software, which was awarded as the Internet-Application-of-the-Year by PIKOM the same year. Web ALARM delivers advanced real-time and continuous file integrity monitoring at bit level to protect files from unauthorized changes and also allows automatic recovery of files. “To complement Web ALARM we also deploy The GRID Beacon onto the websites to secure the login credentials thus preventing any potential identity theft,” explains Dr. Ken Leong, Founder & CEO, e-Lock Corporation.

The GRID Beacon is a smart authentication solution that enables the customers to address the current and future threats of online identity thefts effectively.
Beyond its range of IT products, e-Lock offers an extensive service portfolio, which includes Enterprise Data Security, Enterprise Security Integration, Information Security Consulting and Managed Security Services. These IT security solutions reduce the inherent risk of cyber crime that come with utilizing technology, ensuring systems and data security and automating compliance requirements.

e-Lock’s security solutions help businesses face the challenges involved in security of their IT infrastructures. The company assists its clients in aptly dealing with various hurdles such as ensuring the integrity of their data, protecting the online identity of their customers and employees and providing assurance for the security of online transactions. “To help our customers protect their data integrity, we deploy our File Integrity and Protection solution called WebALARM,” details Dr. Ken Leong.

e-Lock’s security solutions help businesses face the challenges involved in security of their IT infrastructures

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the company witnesses a great demand for its solutions across financial services, government agencies, airlines, oil & gas companies and universities. In the immediate future, e-Lock aims to market its solutions aggressively in the United States. The company has also released Embedded WebALARM so as to protect system integrity for POS systems, ATMs, kiosks and other electronic self-service devices. Going forward, it will even work towards protecting everyday appliances such as toaster, refrigerators and televisions from being hijacked when the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes the norm.