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infoTrust Singapore: teamWork - Web Based Rapid Application Development Platform for Complex Business Problems

Gyanendra Kumar,CEO

Cutting across the sectors, technology and its innovation over the past few decades has undergone phenomenal change and has placed enterprises on the verge of witnessing a fleet footed revolution. As technologies still continue to evolve rapidly, companies are vexed with the solutions these technologies provide, owing to the workflow, multiple-software without integration and immense data flow with lack of specific information. Moreover, almost all ERP solutions or accounting software available in the market are more or less similar. Companies, therefore, need to rely on experts that provide dynamic solutions to make profit in businesses. Identifying the need of the solutions that could connect employees, enhance customer experience and enable integrated business intelligence, infoTrust Singapore came up into being with its software, teamWork for the development of web-based solutions— primarily used by public sector and corporate.

“We founded the company to fulfill the needs of the public and corporate sector by developing Solution Oriented Products while using new-fangled Technology,” says Gyanendra Kumar, CEO, infoTrust Singapore. The company provides services for IT consultancy, and customized software design and development. Its core product teamWork runs over ERP for connecting employees, customers, vendors through Web Based applications such as Employees intraNet, CRM, Customer Portal, Vendor Portal etc. Many public sector organizations use teamWork to integrate its various software/database, extract business intelligence from heterogeneous data, for having excellent customer and vendor support through portal, enhancing workflow based application.

teamWork includes four core divisions: teamWork FrameWork – to build web based rapid application, teamWork CRM (Customer Relationship Management), teamWork EMS (Education Management Solution) and teamWork HCS (Health Care Solution).
The company aligns itself with Microsoft Technologies to enhance its products and services with new releases of tools from Microsoft. teamWork CRM is pre-qualified by Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) for Government Grants for Small & Medium sized Enterprises of Singapore. The flexibility and customization features of the teamWork framework enables it to be used by verticals such as logistics, defence, national highway, education/training, health, media & advertising, engineering, printing and customer care among many others. Apart from using latest tools, info Trust has also upgraded some of its web based applications to cloud based applications, running over Microsoft Azure Platform. info Trust has even adapted the mobile technology to deliver services through Mobile App such as teamWork Alert App, which is used by most of the customer to send Alerts and Notifications.

Across the years, infoTrust has engrained its position in the IT Industry by delivering highly differentiated and industry-specific solutions to clients

Across the years, the company has engrained its position in the IT Industry by delivering highly differentiated and industry-specific solutions to client. Some of its client includes ST Electronics, Ministry of Defence, Singapore, Trend Micro, National Highways Authority of India, Asian Tigers, Clearpack, Robatech, Horizon Terminal, Pearl Energy, Transnational Group and several others. The company’s dedication towards its clients and the zeal to innovate has won it the Singapore Indian Business Leaders (SIBL) award. Abiding by its 4Dic approach i.e. discovers, design, develop and deploy, infoTrust Singapore aims to continue providing holistic services and expand its horizons in future.