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Adjuno: Claims Platform to Bridge the Gap between Insurers and Suppliers

Duncan Grewcock,Chief Operating Officer - Asia Pacific at Adjuno

2015 was a big year for acquisitions and mergers in the insurance market. With the same market conditions in place in 2016, the merger trend looks set to continue. Adjuno, a company that develops, delivers and supports supply chain management software was unveiled as a new global software company early this year. It was the merger between two partner Companies, UK based ‘ediTRACK’ and Hong Kong based ‘CS Solutions’. “The goal of the merger was to position Adjuno to better compete on a global scale as well as provide an expanded product portfolio, and an even stronger foundation for growth, in both retail and insurance markets,” says Duncan Grewcock, COO-APAC, Adjuno. Built on the strong footing of the founding partners’ 20 years’ experience in delivering specialist cloud-based supply chain management software, the company connects organizations’ supply chains with their trading partners, so that they can offer the best quality of service and products to their end customers.

Customer Experience is of Paramount Importance

In the insurance sector, the end customer experience is highly critical and managing policy holder’s claims and ensuring suppliers are doing the right things at the right time is very important. Even more so during complex claims where multiple 3rd parties are involved such as; managing agents, claims handlers, brokers and loss adjusters. A claim is the defining moment for a customer and how they’re treated determines their loyalty towards the brand, so an insurer must get it right. “By combining our unique understanding of supplier relationship management across the retail and insurance market, we are able to provide best practice solutions that positively impact that customer experience,” explains Duncan.

To this end, the company provides a claims fulfilment platform that connects insurers with their suppliers, where claims status information is shared in real-time through a central cloud gateway.
It provides a single process for claims handlers to follow, as well as whole supply chain visibility. Adjuno employs cloud technologies to unite complex, global supply chain networks through a single portal for optimum process visibility and collaboration in real-time.

This platform enables suppliers and insurers to track instructions and fulfilment all the way into suppliers’ hands. It provides a single view of all claim status activity, including third parties, eliminating the duplication of information gathering and sharing, improving supplier governance,reducing leakage and the cost per claim,and lastly, providing an improved customer experience. All the information relating to the status of a claim is shared in real-time, through a central portal. In addition to the core claims fulfilment solution, the organisation offers a motor claims management solution. The solution is used by managing agents to guide the claims process and manage entire fleets of replacement vehicles in the event of accidents or breakdowns.

The claims fulfillment platform enables suppliers and insurers to track instructions and fulfilment all the way into suppliers’ hands

Strategic Steps for the Future

The company has already worked with the likes of AXA, Zurich, R&Q, Myer, Sainsbury’s, Bunnings, Morrisons, Rebel Sports, Kathmandu, The Foschini Group, Marks & Spencer, New Look, ASOS and John Lewis.Going forward, the company is working on releasing a cutting-edge customer facing ‘Claims App’ that will keep clients updated as to the status of their claim as well as being able to rate supplier services.As part of a five-year strategy, Adjuno has channelled its focus into obtaining new resources in order to grow the business exponentially. Geographically, the company is looking towards South Africa, Australasia, North America and Northern Europe as new horizons for growth.