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DavidShield: Revolutionizing the Global Healthcare Insurance Sector with Innovative, Technological Capabilities

Ilan Gat,CEO

The healthcare insurance sector has always been surrounded with a lot of ambiguity due to numerous factors. From inability of members to manage the pressure of lengthy claim processes to awaiting the final approval and reimbursement of insurance amount, a great deal of stress is endured. DavidShield, a leading provider of comprehensive and innovative expatriates’medical insurance solutions ensures to eliminate all the odds from this process. DavidShield was founded in 2000 having recognized the need to provide quality global health insurance to expatriates relocating outside their home country. Since then, the Company has been providing international medical insurance and health care management services (ASO) to members, employers, insurance companies, government institutions, and NGOs.

DavidShield seeks to assist people who are mobile and need to relocate abroad. The company safeguards the health of such people and their families by providing insurance solutions post relocation with a multi domestic approach. “Our services rely on a multi-domestic approach, where we adapt our operation to the local health care system, policies, laws, and regulations of each market, thereby ensuring members have a home away from home,” elaborates Ilan Gat, CEO, DavidShield. The organization provides comprehensive healthcare plans to business customers and members based across over 120 countries. To achieve this global reach, DavidShield has established s strong relationships with local partners worldwide. Additionally, the company maintains fully computerized systems and standardized procedures to assure maximum accuracy, quality control, and superior reporting capabilities to the insured members.

The healthcare insurance industry is typically bureaucratic and challenging to operate within. DavidShield understands this and aims to change the scenario by addressing the inconvenience of going through the prolonged processes of claims and other proceedings by integrating innovation with technology.

Thus it has come up with the DavidCard, a magnetic card that eliminates the need for PPO arrangements, claims for reimbursements, confusing receipts, and other inconveniences that come with the current global health care delivery systems.
The card is linked to a Visa or MasterCard infrastructure and is the first and only of its kind that allows members access to prepaid funds for covering medical expenses.Another major revolutionary development by the Company is the DavidShield app wherein medical expenses are prepaid directly to the David Card within one minute. The app completely removes all hassle and delivers superior conveniency to its members. In addition to delivering prepaid medical expenses by submitting a short form of only four lines, the app also allows members to locate medical service providers that are within close proximity; view health coverage benefits, upload claim information and review medical provider ratings.

The organization provides comprehensive health care plans to business customers and members based across over 120 countries

The Company has also developed a self-service system for health brokers, enabling brokers to issue DavidShield’s health plans directly to their customers and also track their customers’ needs. These initiatives speak well for the company’s quest for continuous innovation, for which it has also received the Phocus wright Award for Travel Innovation (2014) and The EMMAs Award for innovation in Global Mobility (2014).

To provide timely assistance to its clients, DavidShield maintains adedicated and multi-lingual 24/7 operational service centre. The Company also has a physician help line providing immediate answers to medical questions. DavidShield’s aim has always been to deliver quality service to its members and intends to abide by the same in the future too. “We will expand our business activities for further developing and marketing our platforms to other health insurance players, ultimately raising the level of service through out our industry,” says Alon Ketzef, Founder and President detailing the organization’s vision for future.