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Rank Consultancy: Building Digital Business Platform to Transform Business Processes

Anil Prakash Kastuar,Founder & CEO

The introducing of new software tools has been allowing businesses to innovate and run efficiently. With software market slowly taking the centre stage as the catalyst in global business, enterprises have been adopting suitable software for business growth. Holding experience in software services export and software maintenance business Anil Prakash Kastuar established Rank Consultancy in 2013 with a motive to focus on software product engineering and to develop Digital Business Platforms (DBP). Operating from Kolkata, India, the company aims to deliver Digital Business Platforms built on unified communication technologies blended with video to transform customer engagement, customer care and other business processes, both external and internal facing. “Our software solutions are crafted to take video based business transactions to new heights, which is going to be the future face of the business processes,” says Anil, the CEO.

Rank Consultancy is presently working on several Digital Business Platform solutions including, v-Banking & Customer Engagement Solution, v-Financial Services & Customer Engagement Solution, v-Insurance & Customer Engagement Solution, v-HealthCare, v-Education & Learning Management Solution, v-HR Interview Management Solution, v-HR Training Management Solution, v-Customer Engagement & call Management Solution, v-CRM and Field Force Collaboration, v-Vehicle Tracking. “The technical proficiency of our products lies in developing business used cases specific to the industry verticals and horizontal processes. For example, various business processes for insurance business development and customer care & Claims management can be truly transformed by using our Digital Business Platform designed for insurance companies,” Anil adds.

Among its various outstanding contributions, the most notable innovation has been the world’s first mobile video banking software, developed from the concept of designing, developing and delivering to IndusInd Bank and HDFC Bank in India, which further helped them to digitally transform their customer contact centre.
Rank Consultancy also offers practicing doctors Software & Video as a Service (SVaaS) especially for health care sector and it also customises and enhances its products to meet clients’ business needs. “We closely engage with our clients to train their personnel including both IT as well as business users, to provide them proactive support to ensure uninterrupted operations of our software. We have also been working with Vidyo Technology Inc. to develop customised software for them and their customers,” Anil explains. “We leverage emerging technologies to innovate and deliver totally disruptive Digital Business Platforms that transform the businesses in BFSI, health, education verticals as well as for CRM and SCM Logistics domains,” he adds.

“Rank’s “Intelligent Skill based Call Management & Auto-call Routing” engine embedded in its DBP is one of the vital tools that deserve special mention”

The company is also creating new avenues for business transaction processes such as, giving “Face” to “Faceless” Transactions, over unified communications platform consisting of advanced internet, mobile, GPS, video and information technologies and thus, transforming the existing business processes and delivering unprecedented Values. Rank’s “Intelligent Skill based Call Management & Auto-call Routing” engine embedded in its DBP is also one of the vital tools that deserve special mention. However, with a desire to venture aggressively into global market, Rank Consultancy’s client list has been expanding in India as well as in the US. It is also monitoring the technological trend and reliable predictions from renowned organisations constantly to chart its technical advancement course for the future.