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25 Most Promising Insurance Technology Solution Providers

Willis Towers Watson: The World's Largest Provider of Actuarial Software Solutions to Insurers

Michael Freeman,Managing Director

Insurers around the world are operating in environments that provide both unique new opportunities and unprecedented challenges. New opportunities are arising from rapidly growing insurance markets, as growing economies propel demand for savings and protection products. There are new Opportunities for the way in which insurers reach out to, and stay connected with, their customers. There are new insurance demands as population demographics evolve and customers’ needs and expectations reflect the digital age. There are new and ever larger, more complex sources of data that insurers can access to refine their risk taking decisions.

There are also challenges for insurers to deliver the right insurance solutions at the right price in highly competitive markets. Insurers also need to implement wide-ranging changes to regulations, both allowing more freedom in product pricing, and creating more onerous responsibilities for insurers in their management and reporting of risks, capital and value.

Technology and software solutions are helping insurers to grasp and expand these new pportunities, and to meet these emerging challenges.

Willis Towers Watson is a partner of the majority of the world’s leading insurers, both as the world’s largest provider of actuarial software solutions and as a trusted consulting advisor, helping its clients meet the demands of their customers, navigate the risks and achieve the rewards from today’s insurance markets.

Willis Towers Watson’s 40 years of experience of developing software for the insurance market is embodied in the range of solutions that Willis Towers Watson now provides.

Willis Towers Watson’s software solutions are focused solely on the insurance sector, developed by uniquely-qualified teams of software professionals and insurance market specialists who combine their expertise to create solutions for today’s insurance market challenges.
This combination of insurance expertise, software engineering capability and end-user insight creates sophisticated, innovative and easy-to-use products. These products and solutions enable insurers to price and manage risk, to measure and manage capital and value, and to take advantage of the latest technologies available to meet the demands for ever larger and faster data processing.

“Willis Towers Watson’s software solutions are focused solely on the insurance sector, developed by uniquely-qualified teams of software professionals and insurance market specialists”

Michael Freeman, Insurance Software Practice Leader, Asia-Pacific, Willis Towers Watson, says, “Our specialized combination of software solutions and deep insurance knowledge across the diverse markets of Asia-Pacific enables us to support insurers as they navigate and address today’s insurance market opportunities and challenges.”

Globally, Willis Towers Watson provides services through offices in 120 countries, combining expertise in people, risk and financial management.

Richard Collis, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Willis Towers Watson, says, “We are proud of our leading insurance sector software solutions, and have a track record of significant investment in our products in order to provide leading-edge solutions to our clients.”

“Above all else, we place our clients first, and will continue to draw on our legacy of client focus to propel our client partnerships to even greater heights,” concludes Richard Collis.