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25 Most Promising Logistics & Supply Chain Management Solution Providers 2016

Moveitnet: The Market Software Platform for All Freight Management

Tony Bates,Managing Director

Freight and logistics management is a complex sector riddled with its own complexities; a major one of them being enabling businesses to be able to work with more than one carrier. “This is not simply to drive prices down, but to ensure the specific capabilities of the carriers can be harnessed ensuring a great customer experience which typically culminates in on time delivery and a service experience that will make them be an advocate for the carrier services to others,” explains Tony Bates, Managing Director, Moveit Australia. The end to end freight management service provider helps its clients to do exactly that and much more. The company provides services encompassing every aspect of freight and thus helps clients assess the cost of moving freight, track and trace the freights movement, or use data and information to manage your carriers, 3PL or customers. Moveit Australia makes this possible through its services in the domains of Digital Experience, Applications, Transport Solutions and IT Infrastructure.

Rendering Visibility through the Entire Freight Eco System

Founded in 1999, Moveit Australia has carved a niche in the market by understanding the needs of the industry and designing solutions around them. “Clients require visibility of freight and find it difficult in have up to date and accurate information from their freight providers. Our solutions allow for seamless integration with carrier systems to ensure that data is retrieved and presented to our clients in a meaningful manner without them having to search through a multitude of carrier systems to find what they are looking for,” explains Tony.

Additionally, if clients are looking to have this visibility for not only themselves but their customers, they generally will need to utilize major tier carriers who have the technology platforms in place to provide this track and trace information back to senders. This limits the carrier selection pool and reduces the ability for tier 2 and 3 carriers and even the utilization of their own fleet, who can often provide a comparable or better level of service, to compete with major carriers. To alleviate this, Moveit Australia also offers an integrated Route Planning, Optimisation and Execution solution via its Moveitnet application that allows for carriers that don’t have technology systems in place to plan and execute deliveries digitally, to be able to do so and provide visibility and track and trace information back to senders.

As a result of their client centric services, the company has worked with several market leaders including JB Hi-Fi, Rexel, HJ Langdon & Co, Sutton Tools, PMP Print and Home Timber and Hardware among others.
Roster of Services

This Melbourne headquartered organization’s objective has been to enable transparency and input for all parties involved in a delivery movement which includes senders, customers, carriers, 3PL’s etc. Resolving and upgrading services in Freight Management through transparent and strict code of conduct, Moveit Australia offers a brand of advanced services. Under Digital Experience,the company has classified Digital Content Management, Mobile Application Development and Experience Design. Their Application service branches out to Application Management, Development, Modernization and Testing. Transport Solution includes CRM for Transport/Logistics, Financials for Transport and Logistics, Fuel Surcharge Tools, Invoice Processing and Validation and Business Intelligence. Under IT Infrastructure come End User Computing, Centralised Computing, Project & Professional Services Infrastructure Managed Service and Cloud Adoption.

Moveit Australia has carved a niche in the market by understanding the needs of the industry and designing solutions around them

Leveraging Cloud Technology

The high-end solutions have an advanced touch of uniqueness with the use of Moveitnet’s Cloud technology. Explaining the same, Tony says, “By developing and designing specifically for the cloud, we have been able to develop features and tools that competitor systems struggled to provide due to the fact they were installed locally within a senders environment and access for people outside of the network was difficult. This includes country wide access for large complex senders who can access the system no matter their location as long as they have internet access.”

Like any other market pioneer mapping their future geographical and technological path ways, Moveit Australia has strategized both. The company will continue to capture more market space in the major transport hubs in Australia and potentially New Zealand. The company envisions creating the freight marketplace where all freight related transaction and interactions can occur. “We have some exciting development in this space regarding deep predictive analytics and tighter integrations to our customers and carriers so we can provide all parties with useful and validated data to improve customer experience and carrier effectiveness,” concludes Tony.