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XAct Solutions: A Mid-line between Supply Chain Operations and Industrial Property

Geoffrey Thomas,Owner

Enterprises are constantly striving to improve their financial returns. They are seeking tobring new ideas, rigorous analysis and diligent execution of supply chain operations and industrial property functions for achieving these commercial outcomes. However, supply chain operations and industrial property are the two functions which report into different silos and often drive conflicting business outcomes. As a result, the industrial property footprint is often viewed as an inhibitor of operational transformation. By taking a coherent and integrated approach across both functions, unlocking significant value from the footprint can be a multiplier for the operational benefits achieved.This shift in paradigm, the associated step change in operational performance and the resultant EBIT shift marks the foundation of XAct Solutions.

XAct Solutions was founded in 2005, establishing a unique set of services at the intersection of supply chain operations and industrial property. Geoffrey Thomas, Co –Owner of XAct Solutions, says, “An efficient and effective supply chain can support top line growth through superior customer service, bottom line growth through a step change in operating costs, and an improvement in capital utilisation through minimising inventory levels and sweating assets.” Designing and delivering such Supply Chains solutions for its clients is what drives XAct Solutions.

The company specializes in designing efficient processes and introducing appropriate technology solutions in order to address both costs and inefficiencies in its client’s supply chains. Some of the crucial solutions extended by the company involveintroduction of appropriate levels of automation in order to improve service levels and reduce operational costs;designing DC networks that help in reducing overall logistics spend; and developing supply chain flows utilising offshore models to reduce product handling costs.

The scopes of XAct Solutions’ assessments cover both international and domestic flows of the supply chain.
XAct Solutions also enables reduction of transport cost through a better alignment of internal business functions such as sales, planning, finance and logistics, as well as with transport providers to improve rates and utilization. XAct Solutions utilizes proprietary developed tools to support the needs of its clients. The tools developed by its in-house technical team includes Sirius, a network modelling tool which works at a very detailed item level, Xtract, a DC efficiency and planning tool along with other DC design applications. “In addition we have developed simple, effective tools for other areas such as Slotting and Customer Delivery optimisation,” says Geoffrey.

XAct Solutions specializes in designing efficient processes and introducing appropriate technology solutions in order to address both costs and inefficiencies in its client’s supply chains

As highly experienced practitioners with an industry background in logistics, supply chain and property, XAct Solutions brings a unique shade of ideas and solutions which can be conveniently implemented by its clients. The company’s stature stands apart and ahead in the market for providing a reliable end-to-end scope of services for its customers. XAct Solutions covers supply chain from assessment, to design, trough to deployment covering process and property for infrastructure. Geoffrey adds, “We are independent from property agents and developers and truly represent the interests of our clients in an unbiased manner.”

XAct Solutions has expanded its reach to South-East Asia through its presence in Singapore and a Bangkok. The offices in these regions cater to all the company’s clients who operate throughout the Asia pacific. Currently, XAct Solutions has been active in America and envisions broadening its presence by establishing offices throughout Europe as well.