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InfoScope: Collating Data Sources to Break Down the Information Silos

Navin Nirmalrajan,MD & CEO

No business captures a market without presenting an innovative solution to a challenge. So, when the solution for your business deals uniquely with a problem faced by most businesses, you find your self at the forefront. Information silos are a persistent issue for businesses, and although the technology sector has delivered improvements, the challenge remains significant. In this age of innovation and collaboration, when data is considered a major growth enabler, businesses ought to have better ways to break down silos and utilise critical business information to their advantage. InfoScope, a leading Brisbane and Perth based service provider, delivers on exactly that, by enabling innovative aggregation of your data sources.

InfoScope’s foundation was laid on a vision of helping businesses operating in the energy, resources and infrastructure space to make empowered decisions, while ensuring compliance, risk mitigation and enhanced business value.

The InfoScope product is an innovation that helps small and large companies to maintain their ‘social license to operate’ by capably managing the core and peripheral facets of land management including planning, access negotiations, operations and maintenance as well as closure obligations. “InfoScope’s unique relationship engine provides the perfect platform for integration and intelligence that goes beyond just connecting data. It provides valuable and timely insights into your operations through seamless data aggregation and collaboration at its efficient best,” elucidates Navin Nirmalrajan, MD & CEO, InfoScope. “Leveraging on cloud scalability, this readily extendable platform built on the latest technology stack provides businesses a future-proof solution that grows with you.”

The Company embarked on its journey in 2009, assisting a leading Australian oil and gas organisation to address its growing information disconnect, through the ‘InfoScope Enterprise Land Access System’.
The purpose-built, integrated platform connects information easily and accurately, thus empowering individual decision makers and the organisation as a whole. Since its launch, InfoScope has worked with some of Australia’s largest energy and mining companies. Additionally, with its distinguished technology solution, ‘The Keeping Place’, InfoScope delivers a sustainable information platform to empower and lead aboriginal people and culture into the future. Built on the InfoScope relationship engine, The Keeping Place solution provides an information platform for Native Title owners enabling real-time, online engagement with their cultural heritage information. Since its uptake by a few West Australian Aboriginal Corporations,‘The Keeping Place’ has received significant interest from other Native Title Groups, and is well on its way to becoming a pioneering technology for aboriginal communities.

InfoScope’s unique relationship engine provides the perfect platform for integration and intelligence

InfoScope is driven by an innovative, yet simple approach to break down the complex world of disparate information silos. It is also currently working on extending its offering into a highly scalable pay-per-use stakeholder and land compliance solution, targeting both domestic and international markets in energy, infrastructure and government. Further more, with its Keeping Place application, InfoScope looks to empower Australia’s traditional owners through real-time, online engagement with their cultural information, and the protection of that knowledge for future generations. Under the leadership of Navin and backed by a strong technical team, InfoScope plans to expand, not just in terms of new markets, but also as a technology enabler in the land access and community engagement space.