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Secutech Automation: Strategizing Our Energy Consumption for a Secured Future

Aditya Prabhu,CEO

The global population today and its incessant growth have been a cause for major concern amongst scientists and researchers that are seeking to find a solution to the impending power crisis. The sprawling sky scrapers and the neon lit mega cities of today are not contributing much to this cause. The time therefore has come upon the many multi-million dollar corporate establishments worldwide to act responsibly in order to evade the foreseeable doom that looms over us. It was a similar notion and a passion to act upon it that prompted entrepreneurs Aditya Prabhu and Deepali Kelkar to start Secutech Automation. Based in India, this firm seeks to address the various real world problems faced by modern building and ensure their safe and efficient operation.

In its 15 years of existence Secutech Automation has become accustomed to the largely dynamic nature of the various challenges surrounding the enterprise world. To this end the organization has always looked to the cornerstones of any business solution-people, process and technology to come up with answers. For energy management Secutech implements a practice called O3i, which was devised from the fact that, technology often falls short when it comes to monitoring and saving energy and the true purpose of this cause can only be realized through the full fledged support of the stakeholders of any facility. “The 3 Os of the Facility are the – Owners, Occupants & Operators. Each of these has a significant role to play when it comes to a Holistic Energy Management Program,” elaborates Aditya, who currently serves as the CEO of Secutech. Aditya further defines Secutech’s service portfolio as Energy Management as a Service, which is quite a rare nomenclature for an IT service offering.
O3i is further distinguished as India’s first cloud based remote energy analytic service using IOT gateways to collect, monitor, report, analyse, predict and monetize the data received from buildings in terms of Energy & Performance Efficiency Management, a rare distinction considering the abundance of organizations in the country for any vertical conceivable and an equally unfathomable pool of ideas derived from bright minds that are closely associated with it.

“Secutech Automation has become accustomed to the largely dynamic nature of the various challenges surrounding the enterprise world”

The lack of data and information pertaining to energy management which lead to inconclusive estimates on ROI is often a hindering factor that restrains top management of various organizations from buying into the technology. Based on an OPEX model, O3i sets it self apart through the provision of actionable insights on clients’ buildings efficiency envelope using advanced analytics & dashboards. The professionals at Secutech Automation’s disposal, who come from energy auditing, statistical analysis, building automation and facility management backgrounds, facilitate the proficient execution of this process and derive tangible results.

Secutech’s clientele presently is largely confined to the sub-continent, but in the years to come the organization is looking at global expansion delivering their new Energy Ananlytics as a Service offering, the centre for which was established in India only this year. A broader outlook on the company’s future roadmap shows plans to become India’s No. 1 Energy Management Company with a global footprint by the year 2020.