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CMC Telecom: Pioneering ICT Services in Vietnam

Ngo Trong Hieu,CEO

The early 2000’s saw the telecom industry burgeoning all across the Asian market with an ever-growing demand and opportunities. However in markets such as Vietnam telecom had a tough competition from other major industry sectors and state-owned companies which commanded a strong hold on the market. Realizing this, one of the Vietnam’s leading technology Groups, CMC Group came up with a development strategy, which focused on introducing IT into a business diversifying strategy, based on IT and Telecommunication infrastructure. This marked the foundation of CMC Telecom. Established on September 2008 as a member of CMC Group, CMC Telecom’s sole focus has been to provide one-stop ICT solutions for enterprises with high-end quality of service.

Today, CMC Telecom is ranked among the top four telecommunications enterprises in Vietnam, and the only one with an international strategic partner: TIME dotcom, the second largest telecommunications corporation in Malaysia. Co-operating with TIME dotCom and its subsidiaries such as Global Transit and AIMS, CMC Telecom is now capable of delivering a wider range of services in international connection and POP opening. “CMC Telecom is acknowledged as a comprehensive service provider, with specialized data transferring products for enterprises such as ILL, P2P, Wan services, FTTX services for enterprises,” says Ngo Trong Hieu, CEO, CMC Telecom.

CMC Telecom’s GigaNet is Vietnam’s first FTTH service based on GPON technology. It uses the most advanced GPON technology with symmetric speeds over fiber optic cable directly from the supplier to the customer, with a bandwidth of up to 2.5 Gbps, it can support multiple services on a connection. The company has been catering to various businesses, organizations, game rooms, public internet access points and households that require a high speed and stable connection with reasonable cost.
With 02 Tier3 standard neutral data centres in Hanoi and HCMC, CMC Telecom stands as one of the Vietnam largest DC service providers that accurately meet international high standards. DC service supplier’s market in Vietnam has a high potential because of the rising demand of enterprises from government, multi-national companies to small and medium enterprise, which is why CMC Telecom has strategically invested in this segment. Currently, CMC Telecom is the only Vietnam member in Asian Data Centre Alliance (ADCA).

CMC Telecom has consistently maintained its lead through continuous innovation in research, application high-tech solutions and always working towards professionalism and perfection in services

CMC Telecom has seen a sustainable growth rate over the period of eight years since its inception. The company has now marked its position in the domestic market and has made a great impact on regional and international markets through its key business in comprehensive ICT solutions for enterprises as neutral extraction, and with the help of its best- in-industry customer services.

CMC Telecom has consistently strived to maintain its lead as an ICT company in Vietnam through continuous innovation in research, application high-tech solutions and following a principle of always working towards professionalism and perfection in services. The company has further deployed certain technological advancements such as SMAC, IoT, 4G LTE and big data towards its measure to build an ecosystem that will provide several range of services to enterprises. “CMC Telecom has the creative strategy of building working culture in both internal communication and team building activities. We’re on the way toward to the best place for working in Vietnam,” concludes Ngo.