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Elektroskandia China: Emerging as the Numero Uno in China's Telecom Landscape

Per Wahlund, CEO

China has undeniably taken the world by storm in terms of technological innovations and growth initiatives in telecom sector. The country has lead significant investments in the telecom segment and now has more than 900 million telephone connections, with 641,230,016 mobile and 340,809,984 fixed line subscribers in the country. With close to 1.3 billion mobile-phone owners and 700 million Internet users, China is the most populous digital-telecom market in the world. The country is known to be the largest telecom market in the world, a status attained by the collaborative efforts of the country’s government and its leading telecom players that have been working in this direction since decades. One such telecom giant that identified the country’s potential to explore telecommunication sector long back is Elektroskandia China. The organization was incepted in 1999 when its key customers in China invited the Elektroskandia Sweden to join hands with them to venture into the Chinese market. Receiving immense support from them, the team then decided to conduct a market study in China and later came up with its subsidiary in the country. However, since 2008, the company has been operating as a segment of the privately owned French group Sonepar.

Elektroskandia China’s set up was laid in record time with immediate hiring of higher level and key officials to look over the business and soon the team welcomed its first orders. Since then, it has consistently been receiving requirements for its range of telecom equipment and services. Shanghai based Elektroskandia today provides an extensive array of Telecom Network Installation Material along with solutions in the Electrical and Renewable Energy segment. The company’s extensive product & service portfolio includes Power Cables, Antennas, Antenna Brackets, Feeder Cables, Fastening Material, Green Site Solutions, Grounding Solutions, and Fiber Solutions.

With over 50,000 products in its portfolio and a network of more than 2000 suppliers, the company has come a long way carving a vast client base for its solutions. Elektroskandia China’s journey has always been client-centric and thus, its mission has been to follow its customers and cater to their needs.
Wahlund adds, “Elektroskandia China is very serious about its code of conduct & business ethics and stays true to the company values, i.e., passion, trust & respect, adaptability, customer delight and development. These values are the guiding stars for us.”

“Shanghai based Elektroskandia today provides an extensive array of Telecom Network Installation Material along with solutions in the Electrical and Renewable Energy segment”

The company adopts a pro-active approach towards the market, ensuring that it’s delivering the right products and services. It has always kept itself aligned with its clients’ objectives so as to ensure that its range of products and services serve them efficiently. “Elektroskandia China provides innovative services and products that optimize transparency, efficiency and flexibility in our clients’ supply chains. We add value to our clients’ supply chain with the objective to optimize operational efficiency and reliability,” adds Wahlund.

The company maintains a strong vision for its future and considers expansion a major part of it. While in the past, the company has expanded in India with inception of ESK India and other major markets such as Africa and Middle East through a re-seller strategy, it holds rigorous plans for future too. “Currently, we are represented by re-sellers in South Africa, Kenya and Saudi Arabia. Our plans are focused on sub-Sahara and Middle East. We are expecting this development to capitalize during 2017 with a continued growth for many years to come,” specifies Wahlund.