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I-New Unified Mobile Solutions AG: Re-defining the Telecom industry through Best in Class MVNO/E Solutions

Peter Nussbaumer, CEO

With the advancement of technology, telecommunications has gained momentum in the market and has become an integral part of our daily lives. However, the industry had to face its own share of hindrances pertaining to huge complexity, lack of speed and individuality associated with large and fragmented legacy systems. Industry players finally realized the obvious that mobile will gain a considerable torque in the future, especially the MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) segment, which required an even more dedicated technology solutions approach. This realization encouraged two dynamic engineers: Peter Nussbaumer and Michael Mramorto pursue entrepreneurship with a sustainable objective to design and market a game changing technology solution that will perfectly match the future market needs and help the future virtual mobile network operators to enter the mobile business with a more unified and convenient approach. This marked the foundation of I-New Unified Mobile Solutions AG.

Presently,I-New Unified Mobile Solutions is one of the fastest growing technology solutions providers in the mobile communication industry, specialized in the domain beyond the mobile universe, finding its translation mainly with Virtual Mobile Networks. Peter Nussbaumer, CEO, I-New Unified Mobile Solutions AG says, “From offices all across the globe, we are capable of providing, implementing and running highly competitive products and services with a maximum of smart convenience for a converged mobile ecosystem: The MVNO Collection.”

The MVNO model represents a highly valid concept of meeting today’s end-customer’s lifestyle habits in terms of entering new geographies or adjacent markets, and seizing revenue-gaining opportunities beyond the horizon of traditional mobile communication services.
As for the modern mobile trend, almost everything has come down to a small screen on a Smartphone or a tablet, from banking , education social community interaction to ordering food and payment, the list of applications and use cases are endless. I-New has developed a strategy to provide MVNO customers with solutions which are beyond voice/data/messaging – the future of successful MVNOs envisions a wide variety of services for subscribers which can help them to manage their businesses and private life more naturally and conveniently. I-New’s key competitive advantage is its MVNO Collection which is a unique and unified module system of highly competitive MVNO enabling products and service. “We rigidly held onto the corporate strategy to develop the modules of the platform across its complete functionality ourselves. Even though it may have been easier sometimes to integrate partner modules (best of breed), we took the burden to develop, learn, catch up and finally overtake the market with knowledge and speed - enabled by the single stack strategy versus solutions allowing changes and progress of the whole platform without slowdown of multiple road maps,” explains Peter.

I-New has laid out its future plans to strengthen its market position as a leading global MVNO/E(Enabler) solution provider and maintain its stance in the industry through its highly competitive portfolio of products and services, especially to MNOs which could sustainably profit from I-New’s technology in the battle for growth and market shares. In the days to comeI-New looks forth to develop and market additional value added and customer experience services into domains beyond the mobile horizon to further meet the demands, needs and expectations of the MVNO industry and its mobile end-customers. “We already support none-mobile services and allow 3rd parties to integrate or build new services on top through open interfaces which are then managed by our platform,” concludes Peter.

The company has been awarded as Best MVNO Solution Provider in 2014 & 2015 as well as Best MVNE (Enabler of MVNOs) in 2016 from the global MVNO industry.