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QROi: Building Smarter Networks for New Age Mobile Operators

Helge Raitanen,Founder & Director

Ubiquity of mobile phones reflects the fact that the intensified demand for smart phones is based more on their ‘smartness’ than on their ability to just make phone calls. Today’s smart phones provide a powerful computing platform, and allow web access and geo-location based applications’ functionality to enhance the customer experience on the go. In fact, smart phones today occupy a prominent space in everyone’s life; right from ringing an alarm in the morning to ordering meals, checking email, taking selfies, e-commerce, playing games, texting and, most importantly, the calling facility. Given the growing advantages of mobile phones, the role played by the telecommunication industry has completely changed over the years. This transformation also highlights how a massive and disruptive adoption of smart mobile devices is ushering in an era of ubiquitous computing, and how it is shaping the mobile enterprises and their business strategies.

On the other hand, telecom operators are in a race to grab maximum share of the growing mobile customer base and revenues. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction they need to deploy the latest in telecommunications technologies, and in doing so, they should go with expert guidance which could maximize their returns on investments and ultimately play a crucial role in their success. An eminent organization working in this space is QROi. The company provides full range of technical consultancy and project management services and solutions to mobile network operators and equipment vendors. Explaining the company’s range of services, Helge Raitanen, Founder & Director, QROi, says, “We enhance network visibility, and improve performance and efficiency of the modern networks with our unique design, deployment, optimization and operations management skills. Our partnership with world class vendors and field specialists, and our highly sophisticated network performance monitoring tools empower us to serve our customers better in a challenging environment.”

Experience Paves the Way for Success

In any profession expertise can be achieved only through years of hard earned experience. Continuous learning on field ensures that a person sharpens his skill sets and remains abreast with the changing dynamics in the industry. Professionals behind QROi vindicate that fact. At the helm of QROi’s operation is Helge, who has been a part of the telecommunications industry since 1989. Having been in the industry for more than two decades, he has worked with several leading networking organizations such as Telecom Finland,Turkcell, Telsim, NOKIA Networks and TELIASONERA EURASIA. Understandably, only few in the industry can match the kind of transformation Helge has witnessed in his career. The kind of learning that came along with his years of experience with telecom vendors and operators became the foundation for QROi. His years of accumulated knowledge prompted him to incept QROi in 2011. Based in Hong Kong, QROi today offers solutions that fulfil operators’ business and technical needs. Moreover, Helge’s association with other ex-CTOs and experienced, world class telecom experts further helped QROi to solve some of the toughest challenges faced by the operators in the networking industry.

As operators implement different technologies and superimpose them on several layers of different frequencies in their network, the entire network ecosystem is getting complex. Today network operators do not invest enough in network quality to meet customer expectations. Operators don’t want to address network quality issues with internal resources – they tend to outsource the continuous re-design, optimization and operation of their networks. Typically, QROi starts its customer relationship with end to end network assessment covering radio access networks, IP transport network and core network.This is being followed with presenting and implementing an action plan to fix the problems. At the same time – if desired - QROi is addressing the organization structure and processes in ICT department to ensure that the assessment and action plan implementation is not only a one-time effort.

As an example in Myanmar QROi started the co-operation with MPT KSGM JO with network assessment and then the business relationship developed towards fully fledged full turnkey roll-out management service provided by QROi.

QROi’s steadfast commitment towards timely and high quality delivery of service and focus on has helped QROi gain prestigious testimonies. Masahiro Miyashita, General Manager of Sumitomo Corporation, a shareholder in MPT KSGM JO, has sincerely appreciated the tremendous support QROi had provided them. Expressing his gratitude towards Helge, Masahiro states, “Despite the toughest challenge of rolling out and bringing significant numbers of new sites into operation, your utmost professionalism, expertise, devotion and passion towards us has enabled MPT to keep the market leadership with over 20 million subscribers as of today. We look forward to work with you and your vibrant team sooner.”

Network Plays the Central Role

In today’s technology dependent era, where millions of systems, servers, switches are playing a vital role in businesses, an efficient network facilitates un-interruptive business.
It is a backbone that provides support to the enterprises to have a seamless and efficient operation. QROi’s 160 talented network specialists render end to end services and visibility from initial Network Design and Planning (RAN, Core and IP & FO Transport) to densification and optimization that includes End to End Network Assessment Services, Network Planning Services and Network quality services, Optimization, Bench marking, Network Operation Center and Convergent Billing, and advanced Value Added Services implementation. The company provides customized services to each of its customer and that has been the key to its success.

QROi is partnering with various specialized companies complementing its service portfolio such as Proxion Solutions, Newelo, Cango Networks, OptX view, Intelligent pipe, Forsk among others. This strengthens QROi’s hold in the industry. Due to its partnerships, the company can utilize industry leading tools like Atoll, Nemo, OptiGo and Optal, and gain competitive edge in solving customer issues in the field in a comprehensive way. Helge adds, “We can handle any technical part of the mobile network as we have tie ups with domain specific vendors.”With its partners QROi has developed its in-house SOC/NOC which is different from legacy vendor’s tools: QROi solution is completely vendor independent which is vital in multi vendor environments.

“QROi starts its customer relationship with end to end network assessment covering radio access networks, IP transport network and core network”

The company helps customers in assessing the whole network from Radio Network, transport network, core network, and IP and value added services platforms. It QROi HR has an extensive database and resources, so depending on the project needs it ramps up the right skill set rapidly. QROi offers a full package of services covering network planning, implementation, operations and maintenance. “We ask operators to concentrate on their core business and leave all technical issues for us,” confirms Helge. Besides, the company provides extensive training to its personnel and its customers resources to be in control of the latest technologies. Helge adds, “We are the only company in Myanmar which has been training more than 250 Myanmar engineers for modern technologies, such as 2G/3G/4G, IP Transport. QROi’s training programs cover also OSP and Supply Chain Management.”

Project Management and Consultancy Services: A Full Stack Solution

Every business owner needs to juggle multiple factors and projects at a time, which makes them worry about the profit margin. An effective project management software helps to manage all the internal process to provide a complete visibility of a project. QROi’s project management services are designed to suit every client’s business model. The company’s portfolio of project management services includes Program/Project Management, Roll-out Management, Quality Assurance and Acceptance, HSE Management, Vendor Management and Supply Chain Management including Procurement consultancy.

Consultancy services are yet another area where QROi’s has built its expertise. The services include Project Preparation and Pre-sales Consulting, PMO and Technical Consulting and Staffing and Resourcing. On one hand, QROi’s management team has extensive experience on providing consultancy services; while on the other hand, its partnership network helps to source the right skills and knowledge. QROi also provides tailor made training, mentoring and competence transfer services based on clients specific needs and requirements.

Helge highlights that it is important to acknowledge how QROi is differentiating itself from traditional “consultant selling companies” whose performance is difficult to verify: QROi is providing service – not heads - which service is measurable to customer – KPIs and SLAs in place.

On a Persistent Growth Path

Within a short span of time, the company has established offices across Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Eastern Europe, and Myanmar, and has become financially stable. Usage of only licensed and certified tools is one of QROi’s principals. In not more than six months, the company will receive its ISO 9001 certification. Going ahead, the QROi plans to target new markets in South East Asia, Central Asia and Middle East areas.

By the end of this year, the company plans to restructure the entire QROi’s operational model, and widen its ownership to multiple owners, to ensure full commitment of every key stakeholder and keep them innovated and motivated throughout the journey. “We believe in transparency and honesty in our company culture and communications,” says Helge. QROi’s long term strategy is to offer on-time and on-budget services to the Telecom Operators, QROi intends to build and maintain extensive, long term partnerships with its customers.