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SP Telecom: Transforming Telecom into a Nation Building Tool

MuiHoon Poh,CEO

The advent of telecommunication in Singapore has added a new pace to the country’s development process. The strong foundation established by existing industry players raised the bars for the telecommunication sector to outperform them, owing to its late blooming in the region. Realizing its immense potential as one of Singapore’s key industries, the Singapore Power (SP) group introduced SPTelecom (SPTel) as a new generation telecommunication service provider to manage one of Singapore’s most pervasive fibre beds and to provide telecom services to key international carriers and OTT providers, offering customers with vast data needs secure and reliable networks. Combining the agility and flexibility of a start-up with the strength, reliability and integrity of the SP group of companies, SPTel brings customer focus and innovative solutions to the market. Over the years, the company has developed an extensive network, laying its fibre alongside its parent company’s power cable network. MuiHoon Poh, CEO, SPTel says, “SPTel intends to play a significant role in helping the country achieve its smart nation ambitions and transforming it into a highly connected powerhouse in Asia.”

The telecom industry is growing at a rapid rate and the day is not far when all the operations will become entirely digital. Networks are also becoming software defined throwing hardware routes and switches out of the window. However, many traditional Telcos find it difficult to transform across multiple legacy systems. SPTel strives to step out of the convention and build an organization with the customers in mind and in accordance with the evolving technical trends. The never ending war for talent in the technology and telecom space in Singapore is intense. The convergence of telecommunications and IT has induced a need and demand for an advanced set of skills and capabilities in the market.
SPTel aims to attract a team of individuals with expertise in both telecommunications and IT in order to increase its operational efficiency while reducing the costs.

SPTel has always put its customers at the centre of its fundamental operating model with the objective of delivering unprecedented reach, availability and service to its customers and partners. SPTel’s management team is highly skilled and systematic in its approach. For a given project their engagement is thoughtful, their thinking is innovative, their aim is to deliver the best they can offer that benefits mutual parties. This level of reliability marks the quality assurance of the services provided by the company. “We aim to improve the way people, places and things connect with each other by providing the network infrastructure, by building ecosystems, and by enabling technologies,” adds Mui Hoon.

“SPTel strives to step out of the convention and build an organization with the customers in mind and in accordance with the evolving technical trends”

As a first step, SPTel is primarily focused on telecommunications carriers, data centres, retail service providers and enterprises. The company is collaborating with partners and customers enabling them to deploy Next Gen infrastructure. SPTel’s network extends to the areas where all the key data centres are located. The company’s fibre lines are parallel to the electricity lines, conveniently closer to the customers’ buildings which allows SPTel to offer the point-to-point connections that customers desire. “What would be a success for SPTel is to be firmly engaged as one of the organizations that has helped put Singapore on the map as a Smart and Connected nation,” concludes Mui Hoon.