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TeleResources Engineering: Staying Ahead of the Curve in the Telecom Space

Maurie Dobbin,Founder and Managing Director

Mobile network operators and their vendor partners around the globe function with the principal objective of operating on reliable, high speed networks able to support their customer’s needs for communication anywhere at any given time. These needs have a tendency to multiply which has led the networks to enhance their capacity and coverage, creating a significant demand for the supply of network technology that enables customers to plan network expansion and optimize to enhance the quality of service. Realizing this demand, TeleResources (TR) Engineering stepped in to assist its clients in the telecom space by providing the tools and engineering services to build quality networks. Established in 1983 as a marketing consultancy for telecommunication sector, TeleResources has guided a number of major international players to position themselves in the market. Under the leadership of Maurie Dobbin, MD/Founder, TeleResources transitioned its focus towards the emerging mobile communications market of the early 90’s with a key emphasis on private network design and implementation. However, a major contract with Lucent involving the backhaul transmission design of the One. Tel mobile network helped TeleResources to achieve a credible presence in the public mobile market.

16 years ago, TeleResources partnered with Forsk, a French company that developed a radio planning tool called ‘Atoll’. The tool was essential to design the multiplicity of parameters affecting the siting and equipment used in radio base stations. At that time, Forsk was a fresh start-up with a brand new 3G only tool almost unfamiliar to the world outside France. It took TeleResources around four years to sell the first license of Atoll. However, through continuous motivation and guidance, today, the tool has been adopted by every mobile network business in Australia and New Zealand. TeleResources trains its client’s engineers in the use of the tool and to integrate the tool while extending further support.

TeleResources’ principal competency lies in its profound knowledge of radio frequency engineering and the applications associated with it, to deliver benefits to the business and personal lives of everyone.
IoT, an emerging technology, will be based on 5G wireless infrastructure connecting people and devices in a seamless cloud of intelligence. “We understand this future and we have the tools that enable our clients to model the networks that will compete in this new world,” says Maurie Dobbin.

“TeleResources’ principal competency lies in its profound knowledge of radio frequency engineering and the applications associated with it, to deliver benefits to the business and personal lives of everyone”

Over the last ten years, the company has evolved into one of Australia’s leading independent radio engineering and solutions company providing Australian and international clients with expert advice, software and training. Maurie says, “This year the company has established an Advisory Board comprised of highly experienced individuals with commercial, technology, marketing and financial expertise. We see this as a stepping stone to a formal board later in our Five Year plan.”

TeleResources recognizes Asia as a particularly fertile ground for the facilitation of their services. Recently, the company established subsidiary companies in New Zealand, Thailand and Pakistan. Over the past twenty years, TeleResources have sought out and partnered with leading technology OEMs in Europe and North America. “In the future we envisage partnering with Australian R&D organizations to enable us to develop solutions that aren’t readily available today,” concludes Maurie.