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50 Most Promising Big Data Solutions Providers

AdMaster: Innovating to Deliver Enhanced Customer Experience

Vincent Yan, Founder & CEO

The big data advantage has undeniably changed the way businesses used to operate. This is why businesses have started to find solace in the support extended by big data solutions providers who leverage big data technologies to help businesses measure the effectiveness of their crucial strategic decisions and investments. A business that has outshone the glory of many by delivering the best possible big data technology solutions is AdMaster. This Beijing based data solutions provider was incepted in 2006 when usage of data in the business scenario was turning out to be popular trend. It was then that the company’s Founder & CEO, Vincent Yan thought of bringing this trend into practice by utilizing his expertise and knowledge which his previous professional experiences earned him. Since then, Vincent along with his team of passionate technology professionals has been catering to advertisers across China.

AdMaster was initially founded as an advertising network, but after witnessing the evolving digital marketing trends, the company remodeled into a business focused on digital advertising tracking and measurement. Through its innovative technology and data solutions, the organization aims to drive development of digital marketing industry. AdMaster is driven by the belief that data is the next big thing that can evolve the business scenario immensely. That’s why it now positions itself as the data hub. “In the future, big data is going to become very important for every single company so our position has been that of a data hub for a long time now and our focus is on connecting the brands or advertisers with the consumers and also with all the digital resources,” specifies Vincent.
The company’s key offerings include solutions for cross screen reach, social media monitoring, e-commerce measurement, data management and consumer insights. Among its flagship products, AdMaster includes SmartServing (TM), a solution that helps advertisers access, manage and optimize the best media resources under the current trend of programmatic buy. It enables them to gain autonomous control over the media placement, target reach and optimization through this transparent automatic operation system. AdMaster also extends support to enable advertisers to ensure digital ad tracking with TrackMaster, which focuses on the paid media investment part and tracks the banner ads, spending on paid media, impressions, and conversions. The company has also come up with SiteMaster and SocialMaster, the other vital social monitoring tools that together strike a powerful combination, which allows advertisers to monitor and assess the overall effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Another key product that empowers the company’s portfolio is DMPMaster. Detailing it further, Vincent says, “AdMaster’s data management platform, DMPMaster, combines first, second, and third-party datasets into one integrated database, allowing advertisers to have a holistic view of the customer behaviors.”

AdMaster is driven by the belief that data is the next big thing that can evolve the business scenario immensely

With its capable data solutions, AdMaster has carved a vast client base consisting of numerous leading brands operating across China. Some of these include P&G, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, Wyeth, MeadJohnson, Heinz, BMW, Jaguar, Geely, Nissan, GM, Dell, Haier, Huawei, ZTE, Lee, Converse and Nike among others. In the future, the organization aims to expand its client base reaching out to cities tier 2 cities in the central and western China. Further, in the data segment, it envisions bringing new solutions to the market so as to address the evolving trends and market requirements.