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50 Most Promising Big Data Solutions Providers

Azendian Solutions: Delivering Successful Analytics Projects by Merging the Right Amount of Science with “Art”

Bill Lee, Managing Director

With data explosion, enterprises around the globe have been given the opportunity to leverage this gold mine of data to make intelligent business decisions. However, many executives are confused by the jargons and technicalities of big data and analytics offerings. What companies need today is to work with a solution provider who sees big data or analytics projects not from a technical perspective but from a business perspective. Bringing forth a unique approach to big data solutions is Azendian Solutions.

Bill Lee, Managing Director explains, “Successful analytics projects require the right amount or science with “art” to ensure organization capabilities issues are also taken into considerations. We have the experience to deliver such projects successfully and understanding of local cultures for such initiative.”

The organization renders a roster of services in Information Management & Advanced Analytics, and Organization Transformation. Their services range from Consulting (such as Analytics Roadmaps, Data Governance & Quality Assurance) to System Implementation & Integration (Data Warehouses/Lakes/Hubs, Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence), and Analytics or Data as-a-Service.

Although the organization has only been in the market for about a year, 2015, in this short span, Azendian has earned considerable amount of success. At the helm of affairs is a talented trio of industry veterans with competencies in information management, analytics and organizational transformation with extensive track record, and a collective work experience of over 60 years.

The organization adopts a different approach to Big Data and Data Analytics which they consider as nota technology project but rather organizational transformation initiatives which use data, analytics and technology as key enablers.
Bill further explains, “Our expertise centers on managing and using data to help our clients achieve or exceed their objectives by bolstering their experience with facts and data. Analytics provides a boost to consumers’ revenue, helps in the optimization of their resources and operations, serves their customers more efficiently and manages organization risks more effectively.”

Azendian believes that the success of an organization is directly proportional to the success of its clients

Azendian Solutions understands their clients’ requirements and provides an amalgamation of Big Data and Analytics – “Big Analytics” and organizational transformation as solutions to their business hiccups and opportunities. The highly accomplished experts deal with issues pertaining to organization capabilities, identification of capability gaps, determination and prioritization of critical tasks. Despite being “The Data People” and technically proficient, the organization doesn’t rely entirely on technologies to resolve their clients’ data issues.

Bill says, “Our method gels both aspects to ensure our clients do not end up with only tools to solve their problems but also the organization capabilities to use them. At Azendian Solutions we help our client make technical, structural and cultural transformations from being a reactive management approach today.”

The Singapore based company excels at information management, advanced analytics and organization transformation, and builds their services to cater to the needs of the ASEAN market. Verticals such as government, financial services, healthcare and commercial have benefitted by working with the company. Clients include Ministry of Law Singapore, JTC Corporation, Bank Negara Malaysia, and Lenovo & Sing Health.

Azendian believes that the success of an organization is directly proportional to the success of its clients. With the aim of being an irreplaceable big data and analytics service provider in the ASEAN region Azendian Solutions is marching towards a brighter future.