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Beryl8: Constructing an Innovative approach across the Cloud Space

Apisek Tewinpagti, Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer

The Internet sprouted its roots in the 1960s, but it wasn't until the end of 1990s that cloud computing as we know it today came to the fore. With fine development and a competitive advantage, cloud computing has positively changed the way businesses function in the present digital era. While Sales force is building revolutionary business applications served from the cloud, Beryl8 has emerged as one of the successful end-to-end Sales force Platinum Partners in Asia. Founded in 2009, Beryl8 helps clients go beyond CRM implementation. “To stay competitive in fast paced business landscape, we have successfully been delivering solutions at 360-degree view of the customer beyond just CRM,” says Dr. NithinartSinthudeacha, CEO & Co-Founder, Beryl8. Adept at custom & mobile app development, marketing cloud, sales cloud, and several other cloud services, Beryl8 offers solutions towards building a complete digital transformation with strategic solutions on the Salesforce platform and Big Data.

Beryl8, based in Thailand, is a specialist in understanding and taking businesses to new heights. The firm collaborates, enables and implements analytics and Big Data for clients to create competitive advantages through digital innovation. With its expertise in Sales force and CRM, the Company uses the concept of it and applies it to its own customers to understand what customers ponder, their needs, and suggest them with the best possible solution. It builds constructive relationships with its clients, implements solutions as well as enables enterprises to be one step ahead of the customer’s need. The company has leveraged mobile applications that are designed to help customers offer enhanced value and services to their customers. Having a proficiency in enterprise and SME solutions, the firm employs dynamic business systems for the clients to face new customer reality.
As the Company understands the local needs of the industry, Beryl8’s Big Data services is of global standards with localization. The Solutions offered by the Company are business-driven, and not technology-driven. By leveraging its expertise in Salesforce platform, Beryl8 caters end-to-end solutions in cloud products like Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud, and App Cloud. These cloud products enable it to manage customer data efficiently, and route cases from phone, email, live chat, Facebook, and twitter. The team creates a personalized journey for its platinum customers through various phases. For instance, Beryl8 helped Thai Airways to build a lasting relationship with customers across channels in the airline Industry. Engaging the customers in social conversations and optimizing their experience throughout the journey, they also let customers do their payment through credit or loyalty card. The analytics implemented by the team illustrates visibility in the inside information for the clients to make a decision. Initiating to build applications that help streamline, automate and ultimately turn business into a mobile enterprise, Beryl8 extends and connects the business with robust API’s.

Beryl8 is a specialist in understanding and taking businesses to new heights

By providing several solutions and implementations under cloud services and CRM, the firm has won several accolades including Salesforce Platinum Partner in Asia, and Best employer awarded by the leading universities in Thailand. Further, Beryl8 aspires for 100 percent project success rate and customer satisfaction. With value added customers across the U.S and Philippines, Beryl8 desires to create new products & offerings, and product development. “We also plan for an international expansion as well as ensure that we provide the best solutions to our clients,” concludes Apisek Tewinpagti, Chief Business Development Officer & Co-Founder.